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Im back from vacation!

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Guest gamersuscentral

Hey Fiverr!! Im back from vacation!

Of course many of you didnt notice I was gone… but guess what!!!

I get back from my 1 month vacation and come home to my level 2 taken away! Not cool Fiverr! Not cool!

Anyways! Im not going to cry about it… instead Im going to go all out with my gigs! Im going to recreate and show off my new skills that I have aquired while I was gone. Ive got alot of green screen training while on vacation, so now I know that along with the whole chroma key thing. Ive gotten some new figures that I can use!

Check out my Star Wars gig!

I bring my figures to life! I love doing this and I look forward to being on Fiverr through the holidays! Its going to be fun!

Anyways , check out my gigs. I dont have much but their there!

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