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Once a custom offer is accepted, remove the option to accept it


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Hello, guys! This is a very small thing but I’m finding more and more that I am having issues with this functionality.

Clients click several times on the same custom offer creating multiple orders inadvertently or accept an older offer (that was already accepted and completed) instead of a new one for a different task at a different pricing. This raises my cancellation ratio because now I have to take care of all of these mistakes. And granted, I could go back and make sure to withdraw all my custom offers after the order is completed (although it would be time-consuming and painful to do) but there’s no way for me to prevent a client from clicking several times and accepting the offer several times.

It would be nice to prevent these issues from being there in the first place by simply allowing custom offers to be used just once.


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Hey Mauro,

When you make a custom offer you can set an expiration date so that it doesn’t show up after x days.

Thanks! Good point. Forgot about that function and I will be using it to avoid the usage of older custom offers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help when the customer clicks several times on the same order, but it solves half the problem. Would love a solution for the other half, though.

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