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  1. A report button within the inbox section to make Fiverr aware of malicious users.
  2. Hey there syed, That’s very unfortunate to hear. However, the buyer is entitled to issue a cancellation if he/she is not happy with the service provided. You can have a customer support review the case but if that doesn’t help there’s not much else you can do. In future cases you might want to set up milestones (i.e. deliverables) so you can deliver parts of your projects at a small % of the total price. This way you might have avoided getting the entire order cancelled?
  3. Hi, there fellow Dutchie! Het gaat goed 🙂 I actually just came back from a hiatus since I just became a father. I had to reactivate my account and all my gigs are gone so I’m starting anew. I contacted all my old buyers and told them I’m back at it again and so far that got me 2 orders just today. So hopefully that will get me back to level 2 again soon. My stats are horrible at the moment… My average response time is something like 536 hours which is quite insane. At one point I had to limit the number of orders in the queue as I couldn’t handle the workload and things got messed up. Now it’s a bit more saturated as more people found out about Fiverr so it’s not the same as before anymore. But I can’t complain 🙂
  4. Hi Franseeenzone, Welcome to Fiverr and the forum! Good luck 🙂
  5. I don’t promote myself outside of Fiverr. Although I think it can be quite useful especially if you’re a beginner. By promoting yourself outside of Fiverr you get to build a clientele that also knows you from other platforms.
  6. If you complete a order every day of the month you will have a daily income! 👍 MIND BLOWN
  7. Why should you care about identity or gender if the seller delivers you a good service?
  8. You should report anyone that’s violating ToS and not just your competitors 😉
  9. I deliver what is possible with the information provided by the buyer and usually ask them to get back to me should they require any further assistance. This can have three outcomes: Buyer accepts the delivery as is.The buyer asks for a revision and hopefully provides additional information/feedback.Buyer leaves a bad review.I don’t encounter this regularly and when I do they usually ask for either a revision or accept the delivery 🙂
  10. What’s that person smoking? :rofl: Asking for a friend. 😺 I think he’s smoking trees.
  11. I would not offer a proofreading service if I were you.
  12. If it’s due to harrasment or improper behavior then I hope Fiverr actually looks at the conversations before making a decision.
  13. A instrumental cover (piano) of Mad World by Christian Pommnitz https://m.soundcloud.com/christian-pommi/08-mad-world
  14. Or maybe bring the kitten to the animal shelter? That is if you don’t want to keep it yourself of course 😉 As for tips, at least have the kitten checked out for any infections or things like that.
  15. So much cringe… I fend off buyers like this.
  16. Especially IPv6 😃 Fun fact: There are 3.4×10^38 or 340 undecillion IPv6 addresses. It would take three times the age of the universe to actually scan all the IPv6 addresses on a 48 bit IPv6 subnet if you were scanning at a million addresses per second
  17. This stuff really gives me the creeps… Glad we don’t have things like that here 😉
  18. And then you open a request for extended delivery time using the resolution center. Afterwards you can contact Fiverr to see what they can do about the delivery time since it’s not your fault that the buyer fails to provide all information neccesary to proceed 🙂
  19. Raise your prices perhaps? If there’s lots of work involved then it’s not worth your time asking 5$. Raising your prices might get you less orders but more meaningful relations with clients that value your work and time.
  20. What do you need on average per month to sustain your household and other expenses? 500$ sounds like a dream to me that would not even cover my groceries… (Thinking about moving elsewhere) 😂
  21. Nice Mike! That’s some next level equipment! I have to do it with a Nespresso machine… at least for now 😛
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