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In-Box Conversation (Getting the Last Word)


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Inbox conversation starts in a friendly way:

Seller: Thank you for the tip
Buyer: You’re welcome

Seller: I really appreciate it
Buyer: Of course

Seller: Until next time
Buyer: K. See you then

Seller: I can’t wait
Buyer: Me neither

Seller: Have a great day.
Buyer: You too

Seller: Appreciate it if you let me have the last word for my response rate
Buyer: Oh, Okay

Seller: Please no more response. Take care.
Buyer: You too

Seller: Stop responding, please
Buyer: Oops, sorry!

Seller: Oh, for goodness, stop responding
Buyer: You don’t have to be so rude

Seller: You’re right, sorry. I had a stressful day. Please stop responding
Buyer: No problem. I understand

Seller: What freaking part of “Stop responding” do you not understand
Buyer: What is your problem

Seller: Ahhhhhh!
Buyer: Are you having a breakdown of some sort. Can I help

Seller: Stop responding
Buyer: I don’t understand

Seller: You’re a seller too, aren’t you?
Buyer: Yup, gotta keep my response rate up

Seller: I knew it.
Buyer: Ha, you stop responding

Seller: I could do this forever
Buyer: Me too

24 hours later (conversation turn hostile):

Seller: Bite me
Buyer: You first.

Seriously, what’s the deal with response rates? I’ve been buying tons of gigs/articles lately and curious if it does or does not affect sellers . . . . .

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I thought this way too and always tried have the last work until this happened to me (the whole back and forth thing). Response rate is dictated by your first response within a conversation. I would think if the conversation picks up again a few days later you would need to respond quickly to keep the response rate up. @matevzs1 matevzs1 is correct 😀

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I’m still amazed how often I see assumptions being made on the forum on things which are so easy to find in the Seller Help Center:

from: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/everything-you-need-to-know-about-response-time-rate

How Does It Work?
The Response Rate Indicator tracks a seller’s first response to a new request. While it is important to continue responding to buyers until a conversation has concluded, those later messages are not a factor in the overall Response Rate.

The Response Rate Indicator factors only the last 60 days of seller activity, so sellers always have the option of improving their performance over time and will not experience long-term consequences for poor Responsiveness.

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