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I have noticed lots of time in same page there are couple of Gig has same display image but with different seller name!
I saw lots of people specially who are new (Graphics) seller, using downloaded image from google and using on their profile! well, I have nothing to do with that, but i would definitely suggest to use your own design!

But the Problem I am facing last few months. when i try to search my gig. i have found couple of other gigs with same image that I am using on my profile or design that i have create and sold already here! Thats kinda frustrating and hard to accept! its giving a bad impression for new buyer. they might think other seller who is doing original work, also like those some people who are copy/paste designer!

once i created and sold a design with copywrite, and buyers found same design on others seller display image few months later! then i need to explain things and need to complain customer support about the sellers who is using my design!

it happens 8/9 times now, Normally i dont complain fiverr. I always sent a text 1st to the seller to remove image! some people remove. some dont. they even dont bother to reply. in that case i need to complain about the seller, Trust me. I really dont want to do that!

as a seller, I know the value of the account that running for a long time! so, I would suggest you to all seller . dont use other sellers image on your profile! its make bad impression about the site to buyers, at the end of the day, Bad for your account too!
Be safe , have a great day!

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