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Gig page's review section should show the order budget


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Besides Fiverr, I also have gig on other platforms. And one thing I notice is that many of them show each client review together with the budget assigned for the project, or the real budget that seller received.
I think that this feature alone can solve many problems that we’re facing, bringing Fiverr to further higher standard on the way to a professional platform.

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There are many buyers out there who would rather keep their budgets private, it’s a sensitive matter of privacy.

Keeping such information private doesn’t make Fiverr less professional, nor showing such information would make it more professional.

As far as I see it, disclosing the budget of buyers can have various negative side effects.

I’m curious, though, what problems do you think this would solve? You said it would solve many problems we’re facing… care to describe more?

P.S. plus, why would Fiverr want to resemble those other platforms you’re referring to? I think Fiverr wants to be unique in its own way (and I bet those other platforms you’re talking about are using bid systems, which is not what Fiverr is really about)

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