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  1. Yeah even I can’t see my own profile picture even after setting a new one.
  2. @miiila @gina_riley2 @fonthaunt You need to try this. 😂
  3. Job is going good. Never knew it would be so hard to earn for a living. How are you’ll doing.
  4. @gina_riley2 @ghemachandar1 I wish I could come back but the job wants me to work 9 hours a day. 😂
  5. Hello everyone how are you? I’m doing good. Job is pretty stressful but I’m trying my best to keep up. So I’m getting 2-3 order inquiries a day after I left Fiverr. Indeed strange when you leave the platform haha.
  6. @eoinfinnegan You’re one of few people here who believed in me till end. I thank you for it. @woofy31 Stop cutting onions. 😁
  7. I Googled my exam result even if it came yesterday and I already checked it. (and passed the exam) Still I wanted to stare it for more time. Well definitely I own it. 😁
  8. Update - I got selected for it! Interviewer asked some off topic questions like how was your school experience and are you religious but still overall interview went fine. I’m joining this Monday and it might be end of my freelancing journey. I’ll keep you updated with situation! Thanks alot everyone for helping out. You guys are the best!
  9. I put “2 years of experience working as a freelancer” now if they ask details then I’ll tell them what I should tell and what not.
  10. They called me and said a team leader wants to interview me. Donno why they called back and I’m scared af. What should I keep in mind while going there? Can’t mess up this is a big opportunity.
  11. You should write “3 months of experience working as a freelancer.” This sounds professional and when interviewer asks for it then you can explain about Fiverr. P.S.- I’ve only been through one interview and got rejected so proceed with care with this advise.
  12. Yeah people celebrate it. They tie belts in wrist and what not.
  13. It’s celebrated on first Sunday of August in India. Not sure about other countries.
  14. Wow this is the best advice I’ve ever received. Thanks eoin I’ll take it as a learning experience.
  15. Yes I’m still very disappointed though but I’ll look for more.
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