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My first year on Fiverr has been great!

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Hi guys!

I realize I’m not exactly new to Fiverr! Been on the site as a seller for about a year now, but I haven’t paid my respects in the forum yet, so I thought it was about time I got a bit more involved in the community!

I started out as a voice-over for local radio stations and my own internet radio station back in 2007. I loved doing the work but it was mainly unpaid and just for fun. I got some better equipment and started selling on Fiverr in 2016, and boy, has it been a ride! As the only Norwegian voice-over on Fiverr, I had more buyers than I ever dreamt about, even for such a small niche, and positive reviews started rolling in.

I really enjoyed the work and the extra money that started rolling in each month.

Thank you for this great community and marketplace. I’m looking forward to another year selling norwegian voice-overs on Fiverr, and now I’ve promised myself I will be a more active part of the community as well.

Yoohoo! 🙂

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