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ULTIMATE GUIDE: How To Create Good Gig Photos


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It’s been said many times that having good photos for your gigs is what might be one of the things that will make potential clients think about purchasing your gig. Obviously, I don’t advise people to go ahead and steal other people’s photos, but how to create an interesting design if you don’t know to work with any software.

  1. If you want to spend for your gig photo, you can always do a search and there are tons of great sellers that actually offer GREAT gig photos. I can’t find the link, but there is a top rated seller that actually only provides tips on improving your Fiverr profile.

  2. You can go to Canva.
    Choose custom size. Enter 550 Pixels by 370. Pick the fonts that you like, you can use a lot of free fonts, icons, illustrations in order to come up with something. It is pretty easy to work in Canva so you don’t need to be an expert for design. You just need to know what look good for the eye.

Some tips from me:
Keep the design simple, use as little text as possible, just your headline. Use icons/photos that represent your gig. Definitely, pick fonts which aren’t the “Comic Sans” or “Impact”.

You can share your creations here so I can give you some feedback.

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I have seen a few confusing information in different discussion about Fiverr gig photo size!

I don’t know where people get the size 550px by 370 px. Maybe once this was the right size, but right now this is not the right size. Fiverr has official statements about their image size on their Dos and Don’ts document.

Here is a link to check the document: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/gig-images-dos-and-donts

There in the Proportion section, Fiverr clearly stated that the recommended image size is at least 690 x 426px. I repeat 690 x 426px is the minimum size so you can’t make an image which is less than the recommended size.

But if you want to use a larger than the minimum size, you can simply maintain the equivalent ratio like 690:426 / 1380:852 / 2070:1278 …


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Images are one of the most crucial factors that will determine whether or not buyers will want to click on your Gig and order your service. The following article should give you the very basic guidelines that will help you shine and fit the quality standards of Fiverr. Please be aware that not following these guidelines can not only push buyers away from your business but also prevent you from being manually promoted by Fiverr across the site.

When using images, please consider the following:


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Fiverr gig photo size should be: Dimensions : 550 Pixels by 370 pixels (minimum) which actually means that the width should be 550 pixels and height should be 370 pixels (at-least) See the image above. Also Image size can be up-to 5 MB.

Keep in mind that the image is the first thing that buyers will see. I’ve been on the platform for over 2 years now and I can guarantee that the gig image is paramount for your success.

If the image is not authentic or is too generic (copied from google) then not only will the buyer skip you but also you might get a copyright strike.

To overcome this, I suggest make your gig image using canva where you will find thousands of gig templates and you can edit them to your hearts desire.

You can also increase the image quality (this is very important as the image must be hd but below 5 MB) you can use a website such as Photo Enlarger - Enlarge photos, images and pictures online (from my personal experience this is the best and easiest to use plus its totally free you don’t even need to open an account).

Good luck!

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Gig image is so much important to get more orders on Fiverr.

I think you know lots of sellers creating their gig daily on Fiverr and they are trying to sell their service and rank their gig on the first page. So you should create your Gig image more attractive than others. Because when the Client searches on the Fiverr search bar for any kind of service client will see lots of seller gig images but he or she will click only a few Attractive gig images that are eye-catching.

So Please make your Gig image just Awesome using photoshop or other software and don,t forget to rename your gig image name using your keywords or Gig title.

Thank you

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Hi I'm new in fiverr but today I want to share my experience of opening a gig.

I'm new here but I start studied about fiverr about 8-9 month ago and I get many ideas from various articles about gig images. So I want narrow down those ideas in my style . So lets get started


here is a photo of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament . 291365073_Londons34MostBeautifulSpotsandWheretoFindThem.jpg.d5abef1bcec9dcea2efd13a4f0da2d1a.jpg

Now a anyone can say its in England's capital London and it is located on the bank of Thames river ,besides the photo was taken during daylight. A SINGLE PHOTO BUT DESCRIBES :

  1. Its country.
  2. Its capital.
  3. Where located
  4. Time
  5. Location

And if I add a little bit spice into it like add the dd-mm-yyyy by photoshop and It gets a too many & precise information.

SEE! a single photo worth a thousand word.


Sellers gig image is just like that, a seller shows his/her particular skill with gig image that's how he/she sell services. Sellers try to showcase their skill and experience by this. When a buyer sees a useful gig image that matches his/her requirement then they pay their attention on it and hire the seller .



Which size is recommender for gig images?

ANS: 1280*769px , 72 Dots per inch(DPI)

         MAX : 4000*2416px

         MIN : 712*430px

I have got that recommended size when I publish my gig😁.

Here is my screenshot Screenshot_87.png.913b10503ee5a7c76455bad8aa3d94f2.png


Hope my article works.

And a I seek attention to the graphic designers to explain us briefly about --- Dots per inch(DPI)



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