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  1. Amazing. Keep up the good work.
  2. I am a top rated seller and many other new sellers stolen my gig images earlier and used as their gig images. Follow that link to see more. I suggest to all the new sellers who has wish to earn money on fiverr offering some services, please your own creative idea or work, do not copy others work to get some orders for you. Fiverr is really doing well in NYSE and it has a very big future and we may see it will be in S&P 100 or DOW top 100 companies soon. Because of these cheap tricks from some sellers the buyers losing trust. Please do not cheat work hard and earn.
  3. Today i got a message from another seller and he is asking me to give some work. The seller has not published any gigs and requesting for work. Buyers are ordering my gigs based on my quality design services, experience. I do not want to hire some one for my client work. My buyer trusted my design quality and my ability to complete the job. So my main goal is to work hard and deliver high quality design to my buyer. Recent times getting more messages of please give me some work. New sellers kindly listen that i am also started with very few orders and struggled for couple of years to build up my reputation. Please do not disturb other sellers about asking them to share some projects. Asking work from other sellers is against fiverr ToS. If a seller or buyer need some work they can search gigs and select suitable one and order.
  4. @chrisdata I joined fiverr in August 2011. I hope fiverr will have a great celebration.
  5. Hell All, Please share your Memorable moments on fiverr. #Fiverr10thanniversary
  6. Hi All, 1st February 2010 which is the day a new freelance platform (Fiverr) Started it’s journey with few gigs (Services). 1st January 2020 Fiverr is one of the Best and trusted freelance platform and has more than 300 service categories and Millions of gigs. Special thanks to Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger for creating such an amazing freelance platform. I have joined fiverr in August 2011 and today i can proudly say that i am working with many global clients through fiverr. Fiverr changed many freelancers life. Many bought houses, cars and started their dream businesses with their fiverr freelance revenues. So The clock is TICKING for Fiverr;s 10th Anniversary… 30 Days to Go…
  7. LOGO DESIGN is most demanding service now because each and every business (Small, Medium or Large scale Industries) need a logo to recognize their business or brand. Either it is a Lettermark or Wordmark or Combination logo or Signature style logo, there is a lot of awareness now about logo design to market and create awareness about their business or brand. That’s why logo design is on TOP of all for several years.
  8. Hello All, Kindly check this fiverr gigs evolution since 2010. This video copied from fiverr official linkedin post https://www.linkedin.com/posts/fiverr-com_datavisualiation-activity-6615300159783919616-LP-V
  9. @hot_iron_brand Being as a TRS i am receiving many spam messages, with external links or asking me to contact outside of fiverr. But i simply reply them with a message like this “As per fiverr ToS we need to communicate only through fiverr message system. So what ever your design requirement, kindly discuss here only.” Fiverr is the best freelance platform and they are doing really great. They are promoting us (Sellers) and bringing many buyers. So what is the point to go against their ToS. Having been in this platform for more than 8 years, i don’t want to face any trouble by sending a message which is against to fiverr ToS.
  10. Hello Sister (Behan), Hope you are doing well. Thanks for your compliments. Yes all good with my family. Thanks for your care and support towards me and my family.
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