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Surprising Reasons I Love Fiverr [ARCHIVED]


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As a political and civil rights activist, I’m keenly sensitive to issues of social justice and equality.

This is part of what I love the most about Fiverr. Fiverr is a special kind of meritocracy because we all start on about as level of playing field as possible.

Sure, we come to the site with our differences in education, nutrition, exposure, etc.; However, once here the system has set the stage. Work is $5 to start. After 10 sales with no “problems” you’re a level 1 seller. After what is it 50 sales? You’re level two with more opportunity.

We all have the same customer service, things we might not be able to build on our own…

I’ve very active in the slavery abolition movement (which includes US Prisons) and so I purchase a lot of “prison art”. I’ve seen items on Fiverr that have made me write to the prisoners who are getting ready to leave, if you can, consider starting your art business on Fiverr. I know of at least one vendor who is! It’s very exciting. He just made level 2 seller!

I love fiverr, because this man needed to a “job” to avoid being harassed by his keepers (Parole) and he was able to prevent a revocation while it took him an extra 3 months to get a “job” as the parole board understood it. He hopes one day to replace his income with fiverr sales.

I hope so too.

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One of the orders I had that helped me get to Level 2/Top Rated was a portrait that was a gift for someone who was locked up. All they had was a picture of their partner in their jumpsuit leaning against a sterile white wall. I ended up giving them a few bonus services to make it worth the nonsense that is the general “post” and “appropriate cell decoration” routine.

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