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I think that something is wrong with my account

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I am facing same problem from last 3/4 week. 3-4 sales per week or less.
what i have got from fiverr support.

Thanks for contacting us. I checked on your account and everything looks to be ok from our side. Changing your ISP should not affect your account or sales in any way. Note that we only provide a marketplace and we can’t guarantee any sales, this is something you need to work on. We advise you to manually advertise the gig on the Internet as this would help in making it more noticeable and hopefully getting more sales.

I would like to suggest to promote your Gigs on social media. By clicking on Selling >> My Gigs, on the Gig you would like to promote, you will find on the right side a drop down menu with the option “Share”.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with buyers in the requested gigs section, this is the goldmine for the sellers to get in touch with potential buyers. You can contact a buyer in the Requested gigs section and create a gig around the service they’re requesting which will help draw more attention to your account and gigs on Fiverr.

Also, go and participate on the forums! There’s plenty of opportunities to learn more about how to establish yourself on Fiverr with the help from other seasoned sellers.

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