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  1. yes I’m facing same situation, my gig down from 1st to 3rd page
  2. I’m from Pakistan, all cities are lock-down due to Convid-19, and I hope everything will be fine soon.
  3. I’m facing same issue from last 20 DAYS
  4. it is already effected, I did not received orders from last 15 days
  5. same issue with me, I have not received and inquiry in March, I don’t know what is the reason.
  6. it is showing correctly, you have 100% orders on time
  7. yes after few seconds files disappear, same issue with me
  8. yes Same Issue I’m facing, I’m sending files to client but after few seconds files disappear and client not received file
  9. nice update, now we can see buyer reviews
  10. Ramadan Mubarak to all my Muslim friends
  11. same issue with me from last 2 month
  12. for me This months is going very bad, no order, no messages…
  13. Thanks for information, and I hope some bugs will be resolve in this update.
  14. Congrats and I wish soon you will become Level 2 Seller
  15. same issue with me, no of orders very slow.
  16. I’m facing same problem and also I have contacted to CS about this issue.
  17. sales are down from end of November to still.
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