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Need help with creating a small label


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I’m not sure where to go for assist with this…I’m creating 4x4 drink coasters and need a label to put on the back of each coaster. I don’t know what shape or size would be best for the image/text that needs to do on it. Am I at the right place? If not, where do I go? Thank you…Kathleen

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Hi Kathleen,

this is a forum, for sellers and buyers to discuss, exchange tips, have fun and stuff.
To find someone to do your job, you have 2 options:

  • Browse the categories, on the main fiverr.com page, top bar, for your job that would be Graphics&Design

  • Post a Buyer Request, for that you#ll need to hover over Buying, on the topmost tab, right next to your name and the shopping cart symbol, and then choose Post a Request, the last link from the drop-down.

And welcome to Fiverr, hope you’ll find a great designer, compare a few gigs and sellers’ profiles, read their reviews etc., so you can be reasonably sure you´ll go with a good one.

I´m no designer myself, but maybe some will chip in and add a few tips regarding what to look out for.

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Just visit graphic design section there are a lot of sellers you visit their gigs and if you like their gig then proceed to the order.
You can also post you custom request in buyer request section, once your request is approved by Fiverr then sellers will submit their proposal interview them and place the order.

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