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Helpful Feature (Notes on Main Page)

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Hi All,

Fiverr has been doing well in updating their features and UI over the past couple years, as they look to continue to move forward, I just thought of another helpful feature that Fiverr should implement that would make life so much easier when it comes to certain situations.

Instead of only being able to see notes pertaining to the order in the order window. The little icon on the left should turn green / red and links back to the same note in the main order window. There should be a hover over feature that allows us to see the first 20 words of the note. This , I believe, would make life easier because if there is a high influx of orders and some people don’t follow the instructions, instead of having to sift through or write down the username somewhere, after whichever grace period of time you give them to answer, you can still see the notes pertaining to that order

What do you think?

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