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You should always have a $5 gig


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Since I see $5 in CAD, I see $6.59 gigs.

Anyways…I like to try different sellers including newbies, give everyone a chance.

Most of my orders have been youtube intro/outro and spokesperson orders.

I want to try you out without having to pay $200,000.

Think of it as your probation period at work. If you do go work and listen to my instructions, I will put you on my “prefered” list for sellers that I go to.

There are sellers that do complete crap, I like to weed them out.

Yes, if after 2-3 gigs you do good work, I will order the gig extras.

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Why not an IPhone? I’m a samsung man as well 😉

💡 Joe

Morally I can’t buy a phone that every time a new model comes out, people (teens and guys in their 30s living in mom’s basement) line up 24-48 hours outside the mall to get one of those phones and repeat process every time a new model comes out.

I am happy with my Samsung Galaxy S5

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