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  1. Hello Everybody! I have two questions related to Promoted gig option? (1) what is the best bid for logo designing? (2) How to get more impressions? Thank you so much
  2. I’m interested and waiting to be invited.
  3. Great news! I’m interested in being invited to Seller Plus.
  4. Thank you so much for supporting us. Thank you so much for supporting India.
  5. Hey Everyone! This is Sachin, feeling very bad right now. before 5 days impression and clicks are good and my Gig lies b/w 4th and 5th page but currently, my gig is disappeared from the search result and the impression goes almost 0. I have promoted gig button but impressions and clicks are also very low here. no idea what should I do. image1366×768 97.9 KB
  6. Hello everyone! Hope you all doing great. I have a question related to CPC ( cost per click). I want to know CPC applied for buyer requests or not. please reply. Thank you so much
  7. Hello Everybody. Currently, I am facing a notification issue. I am not getting an instant notification on my phone. It takes 1 to 5 minutes. Please help. Thanks!
  8. Hello dear brother and sister! I recently got promoted gig feature but I have only 18 impressions and 1 click on my promoted gig page. bid suggestion is 0.36$. I started with 0.36$ then increase the bid value to 0.72$. But impression and click are the same 18 and 1. Anybody can help me please? Thanks!
  9. I am a level 1 seller but not getting orders. I do not understand what I do? Anybody can help??
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