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Found 8 results

  1. Some buyers will want you to work for free. As a professional, you should politely decline this type of request. Here's some tips on how to avoid endless revision loops and buyers trying to manipulate you into working for free. 1) Be clear about what's included in the initial price from the start. 2) If they ask for addition work, require payment. Try "Thanks for the update! Here's my quote for the additional changes you requested" or something similar. 3) If the client goes "I'm not paying for that. It should be included!" you can respond with "I understand that you feel that way, and I'd love to help you out. However, this is outside the original scope of this order. I'd be very happy to set up a custom order extra for you, but I'm unable to take on pro bono work at this time." 5) If the client refuses to accept the offer and you're sure you have delivered what was promised, according to your gig specifications and agreement with the buyer, deliver the order again, thanking them. Remind them in a polite manner that this order included X amount of revisions. Make sure to include that you're happy to assist with their revision when/if their budget allows for it. There's no reason to work for free. Ever. If you get a bad review, you can respond to it, explaining that the buyer wanted you to work for free and asked for changes that weren't agreed upon for free. 99% of people reading that review/response at a later date, will be a) a person with a grasp of how to do business, i.e. they will understand and appreciate you as a freelancer, or, b) another buyer who wants you to work for free, i.e. someone you'd want to avoid at all costs anyway. And remember: if a buyer threatens you with a negative review to scare you into working for free, you can report them. That's not allowed. Finally: never offer unlimited revisions included in the price! No serious professional would ever do this. Every revision is an oppurtinity to earn more money.
  2. What is your worst experience as a seller with Buyers? Have you encountered Buyers that have troubled you so much?
  3. Have you encountered buyers who just chat and waste your time and never place an order? They come and talk to just waste your time and keep on asking questions but have no intention to order. Have you encountered such people?
  4. I have been a seller on Fiverr since 2016 and have reached level 2 many times, but because of buyers not abiding by my requests of contacting me first before ordering I'm punished, which has dropped me all the way back to new seller. The biggest problem that I have being a seller on Fiverr is there's no way to refuse an order started from the buyer who may be disrespectful or you can't do the job because what they requested isn't a part of your gigs. Then once you agree or disagree to cancel the order your demoted if you get too many cancelled orders within the 60 days, even though it's not your fault. This is not fair to the seller because we work hard to try and keep our level status but all it takes is a few buyers who sometimes I think is on here working together to take someone with many 5 star reviews like myself down to a lower level so they can move up in searches. This is a major problem that I also have heard from my fellow sellers, there's no way to refuse orders or stop orders that you don't want to accept without hurting our completion rate and level status. Customer service or developers need to come up with something to protect good sellers or your going to lose us to another platform.
  5. I think Fiverr Buyers are short of money. Because some of these buyers, Their work is being done by us, but they are not paying. I completed the job but they did not pay So Sad......................
  6. Hi everyone, Recently I was coding for a client and he kept on asking for me to do more than what I agreed to when I first made the offer (it was a custom order). He kept on arguing that the things he asked me to add were what were specified in the brief but I never specified these things. I went back and forth with him a little bit but ended up compromising to add some but not all of these extras for no extra charge (it was my first order after a long break, so I didn't want to give him a reason to leave a bad review or cancel the order). Nevertheless, he still gave me a 2.7 star review for this even though I did more than what was agreed on and delivered two days before the agreed deadline. I know that Fiverr is quite strict regarding discussing reviews with clients, but I think this is highly unfair. What are my options for appealing this review?
  7. So Jan 15, a buyer approaches me to make 5 game levels and asked me to give regular updates. So I worked on it while giving him regular updates on each level and asked him if he liked it to which he said yes. Now today , day of delivery , I delivered it to him and now he is suddenly saying "my team changed the idea, we dont want it , we want something else". Oh and to be precise, he wants new 11 different levels for the same price . So not only he doesn't want to pay me for the work he made me do for so long, he now wants me to work even more levels than before. I have refused by saying politely to accept the delivery for which you made me work . Honestly , I am feeling so sad , And the fact that he is in full power, all he has to do is just cancel the order and that's it. What do I do now?
  8. 2 months ago I got a 1-star review Then loses all my gig rank. So Now How can I rank my gig? Please Give me advice.
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