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  1. yes, social media including LinkedIn and YouTube are great platforms to introduce yourself and your services to potential clients and you can start the project on Fiverr then.
  2. yes, just open the gig and find the pencil icon, that leads you to edit the gig.
  3. you probably need to improve your profile and your gigs and then promote some of your gigs, if not all of them.
  4. sometimes it happens when clients' public feedback and their private feedback is different. it doesn't have any specific solution, you only need to keep delivering great projects and receiving 5 stars.
  5. Be Clear and as transparent as possible on your gigs and contracts. mention all the possible details before starting the project.
  6. Hi Fiverr community, I have a question, did holidays affect your gig impression?
  7. Thank you very much, I really enjoyed your being precise in responding my question! Thank you for your comprehensive and rational answering! Don't you think that the need and demand for some skills are probably more than others? Thank you Breal, but I don't assume that will suffice! Freelancers always need to be more than enough and good to be successful, don't you think so?
  8. What skills are the most profitable ones for freelancers? Who do you think can earn the most in Fiverr?
  9. "Freelancing Career" is a very general phrase, I assume. If you mention a specific skill e.g designing, writing, translating, etc, or a specific platform like Upwork or Fiverr, the answer can be always YES, because there is always an end to everything and the world is changing so fast; However, talking about freelancing only as a specific type of working, I believe that most of the in-site jobs will transfer and change to hybrid jobs and then freelancing. People will understand the convenience of flexibility of this style of working and consequently its outcomes! So I believe NO, even if something changes even as important as the basics, the freelancing career will last forever and will be sustainable.
  10. Maybe the client was new here and wasn't acquainted with Fiverr's terms of service. It's ok that you explained to him and followed the rules. Even if they are not new, people need reminders! and about the review and stars, I guess it can help if you ask them the reason, improve the quality or make your clients happier. we can't expect all the clients a 5-star review, but we should always do our best to improve. For the second order, after you asked the client for feedback and consider them on the final version accurately, you'll have more chances to get a 5-star. Final word: take it easy, remind people what they may have forgotten, and be open to criticism! I wish you all the best!
  11. You can share your email and contact info only after you have an active order. Then you can share essential data for the contract on the order page
  12. Even if not for all the projects, it's a necessity for most of them to have a call before the contract and order to clarify the requirements and expectations of both parties. so the answer is definitely yes.
  13. Hi welcome to Fiverr. here are my tips: Create an attractive Gig with clear descriptions and engaging visuals. Offer competitive pricing or introductory discounts. Optimize your Gig with relevant keywords for better search visibility. Showcase your expertise with samples or a portfolio. Promote your Gig outside Fiverr on social media and relevant communities. Respond to buyer requests promptly and professionally. Provide excellent customer service and aim for positive reviews. Request reviews from satisfied clients to build your reputation. not gonna lie, the first orders are not gonna be easy but you need to be patient, persistent, and continuously improve your skills and Gig to attract more clients.
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