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  1. Thank you so much. Keep me in our prayer😊😊😊
  2. Thank you very much. Keep in in your prayer😊😊
  3. Congratulations for the success. Keep working like this, You will get more orders and focus on client satisfaction and try to receive 5 star rating from clients it will help you to do better in our future career.
  4. Try to be active on fiverr as long as you can. Focus on client satisfaction
  5. Focus on learning something new. stay online for at least 20 hrs a day any how Follow us time and be active at that time Focus on client satisfaction Follow guidelines Promote your gigs
  6. Try sending from another gig or knock customer support about this problem
  7. Congratulations. Keep working like this. You will be successful one day insaallah
  8. Congratulations. keep working hard like this. You will be successful one day.
  9. Gig lost rank, what to do now?😢
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