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  1. Agree with you. There are a lot of new freelancers who are spamming in here.
  2. Don't worry about it. Don't ask for reviews from buyer directly it may through you in some trouble as it is against fiverr TOS
  3. Try to stay active on fiverr from now and if your gig clicks and impressions are very low and you are not getting any order then you may edit your gigs and publish new gigs.
  4. My world dominations is 11%. I'm really trying hard to increase it. I don't if it helps a freelancer or not but my mind wants to increase it, I don't know why
  5. Stay active on fiverr as much as you can specially follow USA time. Promote your gig on social media and make some great gigs following S.E.O
  6. Congratulations for the great success. You will be more successful insaallah
  7. One of my buyer has given me a tip of almost $15 today. He gave me $10 tip yesterday. I'm really feeling so happy
  8. I'm agree with you and I follow this technique. It is helping me a lot to bring some more orders from the same client.
  9. Thank you so much. The article was really informative. I'm already following some these points but I will try to follow all of them.
  10. You should not edit your gig while you are getting orders. Even if there is a spelling mistake in the description you should not edit the gig description if the spelling is not so so so much necessary. Editing gig decreases our gig rank. You must not edit a single letter from the title, It will almost vanish your gig. Thank you
  11. The gig is good. Description is up to the mark but the fiverr logo should not be in the image of your gig.
  12. Congrats but why did you say unfortunately a good buyer reached you out. It was a fortune I think?
  13. You should not ask for review directly. It will go against fiver TOS
  14. Seems like you added one payoneer account in multiple fiverr accounts.
  15. I'm not sure but I believe it helps to rank your gig as fiver has AI.
  16. seriously!! It's a big success and inspiration for beginners. We will be at this position one day
  17. Congratulations for your great success. keep working like this you will receive more orders and you will be successful one day.
  18. Congratulations. keep working like this. you will receive more orders and you will be successful one day
  19. One of my client gave me $10 tip but unfortunately he left me a 4 star rating.
  20. I think you are right. My situation is also going like this
  21. You've completed 140+ order and you have 140+ reviews too? How is this possible? Each and every single clients eft feedback on your order?
  22. Congrats. Kep working like this you will be successful one day
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