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Found 15 results

  1. Since 2018 I am working in the Fiverr marketplace around 2019 I Got Level 1 and since then I am not getting any new client offers after getting level 1. all order get from old clients before getting level one I got the maximum work and after completing all those work I level 2. but one thing is that since I got level one I still have no new client work and no new client messages coming to me this is really important because this is totally unacceptable. I have had no new clients since I got to level 1. I am not getting any offers or messages. what can I do so I will get orders and messages again like before when I was a new seller one more thing to note is that since I received level one the click, Impression, and view have completely gone down which is impossible to imagine. I am wanting to be rid of it. Want how to get rid of hope everyone helps me. you can check my accountThanksRaihan
  2. Level 1 requirement done. I am so exited for new level. Wait for Next evaluation. Starting journey may2022.
  3. Feeling happy today! Finally,fill up all requirements ! hope this month evaluation I will get Level 1 seller Thanks fiverr and fiverr community
  4. Hi, I am Level 1 seller and I have completed more 100 orders with 50+ reviews , 5s and on time delivery is 90+ . But there is no option for promotion. any one can help me in this case. Thanks
  5. Fiverr demoted account to level 1 from level 2 for no reason. I recently earned Level 2 badge (10 days back). I created a gig yesterday. Today, in the morning I just changed the title. Before the title of my gig was "guest post on livemint at lowest price". I have edited the title as "sponsored post on livemint da 83, traffic 21million". As the website traffic of livemint.com is 21 Million and its Domain authority is 83. I don't understand what is wrong in this title and why did the denied my gig and demoted my account to level 1. I have been asking them about the issue. But none from Fiverr team is responding to my question. Is it wrong to mention website stats? Please answer.
  6. 🙏 Thanks to everyone who helped me to reach this achievement ❤️
  7. After 60 days of my first ever Fiverr experience I successfully reached the Level One seller! I'm sure Level Two will be my next 2-month achievement 😉
  8. Today I have fulfilled the Level One condition. 😇 On September 15, 2021, will I be a level one seller??
  9. I got level 1 badge. Thanks for every one support.
  10. After a long time, I got an order of $100. I am so excited. 😊😊
  11. Today completed all the requirements for the level 1 seller.Waiting for next evaluation.
  12. I have created my fiverr account a few months ago but didn’t get any chances to work on fiverr. Need to start it from zero. I Have skill on wordpress based websites, themes and plugins. Need suggestion from senior freelancer. Thank you.
  13. I am done level one and completed 38 project successfully. 😍
  14. Congrats to the sellers who have been upgraded to the next levels. I had a small question to the sellers who have got level earlier months. I heard on the community that after getting the upgrade level most of the seller's gig lost the rank. And also, the matter of concern is that for the next 5 to 6 months their gigs couldn't be able to get back to the rank again. Is this true?
  15. Hi there I am here once again to ask for advice, tips and tricks from seniors who have been on Fiverr for a long time. I got my level 1 badge 3 months ago, however, instead of getting more orders, I am getting 1 or 2 orders a month. I have tried modifying my gigs too. after modifying one of my gigs, i got over 7k impressions but zero orders. I am unable to understand what is going on, and I will be grateful if someone can tell me what's happening with my account. thank you so much in advance.
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