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  1. Hey! So sorry to hear that you are having such a bad experience with a buyer. Like the others said, first file a complaint with CS, but make sure to attach proof of the work being used on another platform. According to Fiverr's ToS, all rights for the work produced belong to you until the project is marked as complete, therefore the buyer is in violation of the copyright, as well as the ToS. If you are lucky, You will receive monetary compensation. In future, don't ever submit parts of the project before it is complete. A lot of my buyers ask me to do this and I respectfully tell them I cannot because that is against the ToS and they all understand. Unfortunately, you will encounter some bad buyers, so make sure you protect yourself as much as possible by following the ToS. Also, never start working on a project that does not have all the requirements submitted. This has really saved me from abusive buyers. If a buyer does this, Make sure you ask enough questions before you begin any work. Good luck!
  2. I just saw the message and received an email.
  3. Hey, as someone who just became a TRS, I can tell you that it is not guaranteed. My advice would be to make sure you provide excellent work and customer service. If your buyers are happy, it will increase your reputation and keep them coming back. So focus on producing quality over making money and you will succeed. Goodluck!
  4. My lowest priced gig was $5 when I first started, but my first order was $150. I increased my prices after the first few orders. As I said, I focused on quality so I kept getting repeat buyers. 🙂
  5. Hi (to whoever is reading this) I became a TRS after 1.5 years on Fiverr. I qualified on the 14th of July and was promoted the next day. I have read many posts about people not becoming TRS and so I thought I'd share my experience. As others have said, this a manual selection process even if you meet all the criteria, but don't lose heart. Personally, I have maintained a 5 star rating since I began and I became a level 2 seller after 3-4 months on this platform. I always make sure to have the best customer service and to decline jobs and/or clients that I know will give me trouble. I'm not very active on the forum so I don't think that counts, but I do get quite a lot of orders every months so that might have played a factor in it. All this is to say, just keep working hard and focus more on your reputation than remuneration. Your consistency will pay off. Good luck!
  6. The first time I got a small amount to test it out. After I paid it back, I got the option again after like 2 days and I got a larger amount.
  7. I had the 5000 first, and the second time it was 2500.
  8. Update: My cash advance option has returned. It’s been 48 hours
  9. The cash advance option disappeared after I paid back mine.
  10. The Cash advance option disappeared after paying it back. I’m not sure when it will return.
  11. I did. It was very easy. I only took out $100 to test it out because I knew I could pay that back in a day or two. I’m curious to see what happens after.
  12. Hey Poppy, Generally, I charge based on the wordcount or the hours that will go into it. What the buyer is basically asking for is revision/editing, so I think you should charge according to the number of hours you will put into this. Most buyers don’t realize how complicated editing can get, but the price should still be lower than what he paid initially. How many free revisions do you offer with your manuscripts?
  13. Thank you all for your help.
  14. Hi all. I’ve offered the cash advance option since it was first released but I’ve been skeptical to try it out because I don’t have enough information. Can someone (who has tried it) please tell me what one can do with the funds? Can you withdraw them or are they strictly for use on Fiverr? I’ve read the other threads and no one has answered this question. Thanks P.S. I’m a level 2 seller
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