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  1. You have to take skill test or wait for 90 days.
  2. Increase your gigs impression and clicks you gig will rank on first page and you will get order.
  3. 14 days no matter. Create full profile with 7 gigs. then It will be easy to get order.
  4. You don't need to find your gig. Don't worry, The search results look different sometimes.
  5. If you are new seller in Fiverr, then you will get less buyers request.
  6. I created 4 gigs without taking any exam. You can create too.
  7. May be, You are not active online most of the time or did not send buyer request.
  8. May be your gig is not active or you did not publish your gig.
  9. We should not use Auto refresher. Fiverr doesn't recommended it. You Account might be disabled.
  10. It happens to me sometime too.
  11. Increase your gig impressions and clicks and Stay active online most of the time.
  12. Create effected gigs and share them social media. Send buyers request everyday and show them you want to provide better service for them with low price.
  13. Not only you. Everyone is getting this issue. You know new sellers get less buyers request.
  14. May be you are not active online or you Edited your gig description.
  15. It could be several reasons. May be you created something that against Fiverr rules and Tos.
  16. I think there is no way to check your buyer request accepted. If buyers decide to hire you they will contact you and you will get a message inbox.
  17. No, there is no other way to contact with buyers. You can get many buyers in Fiverr by creating effective gigs and provide good service for their business needs.
  18. Fiverr is the most popular freelancing marketplace. We get client and order easily here.
  19. Share your gigs on social sites and stay active most of the time. It will be easy to get order.
  20. Why do you want to remove it? If it is nice review of your previous your it will help you to get next order.
  21. The best options to choose new sellers if they provide quality service with a low price.
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