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  1. Thank you so much you are helping me a lot ❤️
  2. Hey friends, My delivery time is set for 24 hours but the time me and the client agree to have the session delivery at a different time and it will be delivered after 11 hours from the time where my 24hours over. Will it be a problem? Can you please share your ideas and experiences?
  3. But there are many gigs comes as results when I search for "Heal" or "I will heal"
  4. Hey friends, I got a notification and a maill saying my gig was unpublished. It says service you are offering is prohibited by our community. The gig is about Active llistening, life coaching and counseling. I have another gig under life coaching so i created this under wellness but almost the same service. According to the guidliness I haven't violate anything. Can you guys share your insight what could be the reason. And can I recreate it with the same gig image and title?
  5. I can do it for me i did not expect anyone to do it for me. And all these conversation started from just a question about my statistics. I dont know what it has to do with all your comments. My statement doesn't tells anyone to do anything for me.
  6. Read it again it's about the job not about the platform. I mean I make money by working as a mental health supporter, Fiverr helped me or not my full time job is the same. I already have my primary plan. And the vibe you got by my reply for your comment may be from the overall impact of my country's current crisis situation. Im from sri lanka. We work so hard to rebuild our country's finance. We highly believe fiverr will give a hand to become better. Hey you guys encourage us instead of this. May be 9 days but im high positive and confident about this platform and on my own skills and yeah, let's have some patience...
  7. Thank you so much and il visit you gig! 💚
  8. Im not do commercial oriented. But this my job that's what can give me bread and butter.
  9. I dont use any of those dear
  10. @alfa_art I send customer support an email. Somehow i could access but i am scared i still did not get a response from them
  11. Hi Guys, Kindly tell me why I get this on my screen when I log in through my desktop computer. Can i get this fixed? I am worried I do everything with this device. Please help me!
  12. Hey there, It's been 7 day I created my gigs I have all 4 gigs and i've get 880 Impressions and 25 clicks. Is that a positive statistic?
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