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  1. These are 5 important topics that we should keep in mind. 1.) I always create and deliver ORIGINAL value. 2.) I charge fair market value and have a clear picture of my worth. 3.) Ongoing client relationships are valuable and rewarding. 4.) I understand that communication is PART of my service quality. 5.) I enjoy helping clients identify their needs and goals.
  2. It is against the TOS of Fiverr, to share your email address!
  3. One of the best thing to do is to write in the description about the value you can bring to your clients and their business.
  4. Please write properly whatever you want to say. I think we should all cooperate to keep this forum as useful as possible for all. You should be more elaborate about what you want to say. Like, write in details, please! Thank you!
  5. Thank you for pointing this out @smashradio I would have never guessed that a feature of Fiverr would cause this trouble with the ranking of my gigs.
  6. Congratulations! I wish you all the best. Please share any tips for New Sellers on FIverr. You have got lots of orders as a newbie here. Thank you.
  7. I have never faced this situation before, so cannot help you much. I suggest you talk to the Fiverr Customer Support team. They can solve your issue.
  8. The part that I feel is wrong - friendship with buyer. This is not at all professional. Buyers are busy with their work and so you cannot make friendship here. Not possible! Thanks!
  9. Congratulations! Please share how you managed to get your first order. Best of luck for your future!
  10. You have no levels at the moment. You may reach Level One first and not Level Two. 🙂 🤔
  11. I am Zakaria from Dhaka, Bangladesh and I am a data entry operator on Fiverr.
  12. Excellent information for sellers! I have a question, how can we do market research for customers? I could not figure out how to do this. Please give suggestions. Thanks.
  13. Is it necessary to mass congratulate somebody like this? I mean it is just like spamming this forum.
  14. I think you should try to get more external traffic. You can try to knock old customers. Market you gig outside Fiverr. Change your gig thumbnail and make it eye catchy. This is very important. Write an error free description. Check your pricing and compare it to your competitors.
  15. Thank you for warning us about scammers! I suggest you block them no matter how many times they open a new account. Please take help from Fiverr CS. You can also report the messages from the inbox too.
  16. I think Fiverr must have sent some notifications before stating the reason why you might be banned in the future. Take these matter seriously to avoid getting banned again.
  17. Yes, it clearly says that you have just added a bank account to your Fiverr account. You have recently added the bank account, that is why you have got this email. However, to continue setting it up completely you have to press the 'click here' that is hyperlinked.
  18. One of the important things that I have learnt as I grew on Fiverr is that you should never overpromise to anybody. This is something we should all be aware of. I thought that it is important to point this out because some buyer's might get frustrated and leave Fiverr altogether. We don't want any buyer to leave us right? So, please everyone do not overpromise and underdeliver!
  19. Fiverr's Buyer Request system is free and you can send 10 X 30 = 300 requests or bids per month which is a lot of bids. I think this is much better than other platforms especially for beginners. Please keep in mind that you are sending 300 requests per month. I am sure that you will enough orders from the 300 requests.
  20. This also did not make any sense to me. Sometimes you will meet customers who are like that. You should be careful with these customers from the beginning. I think one late delivery will not have that much of an impact on your ratings.
  21. Honestly peaking, this is a bad idea to mass copy and send same email over and over again. I think buyers will be put off if they see the same message repeatedly. I think we should write our own messages and be creative about it. Every buyer is special and they should be sent unique messages tailored to them. Cheers!
  22. Welcome back to Fiverr! You should have never left Fiverr in the first place! Do not get intimidated by the successful sellers. They also started from zero reviews, so remember that. As far as I know, since your account is an old one, you will get more impressions and older accounts are more trustworthy to the buyers. Best of luck!
  23. This is a good thing. But it breaks my heart when I came to know that Fiverr cuts 20% off the tips too. This is something that is hard to take in.
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