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  1. Thanks could you check it again with my title I am on the first page, best regards.
  2. Hi Fiverr mates, I've got an issue, I am online I see my online status on my profile, but when I filter search result with online button I disappear from search results, has anyone faced such an issue? will be grateful if you help me out :)
  3. No, it is not a bug, it due to private rating, many clients don't rate you in public but they will give you bad rate on private rating and please don't call people madam or sir I am not even a male.
  4. It is probably due to private rating or using someone else artworks , anyways I think it because of low quality products, not sure though.
  5. Alright then, I wish you good fortune in near future then, good luck.
  6. Here is what you can do, choose a good niche, which has 2 qualities , it doesn't have many level 2 seller you could find proper title with adjective to niche it down, 2nd that niche get orders as well use buyer request wisely, try to find client outside Fiverr Linkedin and Twitter worked for me, and when you get a client do your best to satisfy him/her, all the best, and don't lower your price too much.
  7. Thanks mate, I got it now, regards.
  8. Hi Fiverr mates, I am almost done with level one requirements, when will I be promoted to level one ? I mean the exact date, thanks.
  9. Yes it is over saturated, and it is really hard to grow on Fiverr, but you miss a point, you will earn more than your need if you are good at what you do, most sellers really deliver poor products.
  10. Hi Jonbass, apologies you were right I am in search results now, best regards.
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