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  1. So Fiverr takes 20%, and Payoneer takes the conversion fees, the $3 is for what exactly? The quantity of money isn't the problem, the question is the necessity and also that these prices will eventually rise. Its $3 now and it will go up, once it starts.
  2. Will send a follow-up to CS if i encounter the glitch again
  3. Thats exactly why the solution of turning it on and off doesn’t sit right with me. How do I professionally explain and ask my client to accept quickly so I can go back to OOO. The earlier system was really good. What is the point of ‘allow new buyers to contact me’ option if we cant send custom offers. I did get back a reply from CS and it didnt help at all. Their reply: “Bear in mind that while being out of the office, we would not recommend sending offers. However, since you’ve brought this to our attention, it has already been forwarded to our Product Developers. Hopefully, this could be implemented someday.” What does the last line even mean? Custom offers while OOO was implemented and functioning till recently, but they changed it.
  4. Sent a query to CS and got informed that will appear after Fiverr files its TDS statement for the quarter and such statement is processed by the tax department. The statutory timeline to file the TDS statement for the quarter ended March 31, 2021. So your withholdings should appear by May 30.
  5. Shouldnt it start reflecting on TRACES though if fiverr is remitting the payment to Indian Government. I keep checking but it hasn’t updated yet and to view your TDS certificate we need Fiverr’s TAN number.
  6. Yes you can claim refund through filing income tax. The whole point of TDS is to bring more people under the tax scanner…
  7. If you are asking for an extra revision which is outside the scope of what was agreed , offer them to charge you for the revision. This should help clarify the sellers intention and deescalate the situation.
  8. I’ve been stressed out because im neither getting new orders nor new messages. The clients i was talking to before this began, are not interested in the projects till this is over. But knowing that im not the only one to go through this is heartening. Hopefully we’ll come out of this soon.
  9. First report him to fiverr for trying to contact you outside the platform and then I think blocking him will prevent him from buying your gig.
  10. Updating the app fixed my problem. Thanks!
  11. Its not a net problem.Im having trouble uploading with the app as well. I contacted support and they said its a bug with the andorid version of the app. They’re working on fixing it.
  12. Are you experiencing this with the app or desktop site?
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