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  1. So in my gig I build something in a game…it takes quite a while but not weeks. Anyway today someone basically said their family’s really poor and it’s their bday today so they would really appreciate my gig to be free as a gift. now If I knew she actually couldn’t afford it and it’s her bday ofc I’d do it for free. But if she’s lying I really don’t want to do it for free.
  2. So I run a Roblox build gig where I build a house for someone in a game. Anyway today I got a message in fiverr and they were asking for me to build a 3D model for them. I kindly explained I don’t build models I build houses in bloxburg. And they said that’s what I want. So I thought this was a miscommunication and didn’t really pay much attention to it. After that they said they have some files to send. As in references for some ideas they have. They said for some reason they can’t send them through. Then they asked for my email to attach them there. I thought it was really strange so I gave them a email I don’t use for safety. Then they said they still can’t attach the files, so I thought that was really weird. Then they said it’s okay I’ll pay then we can chat. And I was quite excited because I’ve only had one order before this one. I got a email from who claimed to be ‘Fiverr.’ I’ll attach a screenshot of the email below. I checked if I had any active orders via the Fiverr app and I had none. So I went into the email and I thought it was just another way of payment because I was new to the app. And the person messaging me said “just accept it so we can start.” But that’s when I realised I got that email through that old gmail I gave the person. Not my main email that fiverr would usually send it to. Anyone know?
  3. So basically I run a gig where I build a house in a game for you. So the first red flag I got was they asked for a 3d model. I explained to them I build houses not models. And then they said that’s what they wanted a house in a game. So I was thinking ‘maybe they just miscommunicated.’ Anyway then they said “I have some references but fiverr won’t let me send them” (second red flag) they asked if I can give them my email to send them through. I thought this was a bit sketchy so I sent an old email I never use. They said it wouldn’t send the references either. After that they said they are going to pay for premium. I got a email saying: ‘Hello Your service payment has been adequately processed. Kindly affirm by selecting the button below.’ I thought they had paid and fiverr was emailing me about this. But in the app I had to active sales…and I got a email from “fiverr”, from the email I gave them not my main one fiverr usually sends to. I was getting a bit suspicious but I haven’t got an order in months and I really needed a bit more money. I tested them asking for their username so I can friend them (in order to build.) and they gave me one…so I typed it in and it wasn’t a person. They keep telling me to accept the email to get the money so we can start but I don’t trust it.
  4. I’ve only been on fiverr for a few weeks, but it was averaging 200 impressions now it’s averaging 100.
  5. Just saying to everyone that’s started fiver, and you might not be feeding orders, don’t worry! Just keep going and don’t give up! You did so well to get this far. Congrats
  6. My views and impressions have slightly decreased and there is a red down arrow. Is that bad?
  7. Hey! So I was just wondering of my fiver profile looks alright? any tips? tysm!!
  8. Hello everyone! So I drew my profile picture myself and made it the right measurements and everything. But when I go into the fiver app or web-sight on my gig page it’s blurry. But in any other case…like on my seller mode on mobile and other stuff like that it is fine. Anyone know why? thanks
  9. Thank you so much! What would be the average for everyone do you think?
  10. Thanks for your help everyone! I appreciate it
  11. Yeah I have. I’m just not sure what’s wrong haha
  12. so you know of forum how there is levels (like I am on rookie atm) but I have limited amount of posts. The more levels I go up the more can I post? If so what other benefits are there with new levels
  13. I’ve started my first 6 days on Fiverr! I’ve been trying to read good statistics but I can’t find an answer. I was just wondering what you all think. I have 165 impressions and 3 clicks its my first 6 days. Is it any good?
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