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  1. Hi @kio_pendragon! I think is a good idea to use Fiverr as a portfolio if you want to work with your clients through the platform. But as a personal portfolio I particulary have my own website for that. That way I divide my traffic and have each thing for its own purpose.
  2. HI @diegofarts, first of all, terrific name! Also, yeah, I had a slow start too and the platform had gone through several changes since 2021 and has made getting a gig specially difficult for new sellers. But you already have two jobs done so don't give up! Do you have the option to receive briefs turned on?
  3. Hi! Pagination is one thing that may be confusing. Its been years since I've worked with that, but my advice is that you can print the pages and then crete the menu booklet in real paper so you can see how the pagination goes.
  4. Well, it's an open market and everyone has the change to get a shot. I think the real problem is when people that have no clue tries to pass as experts and then get in trouble because they don't really know how to handle their orders or what the buyers expect form then. Obviously nobody will write in his/her profile, I'm a noob, but you should be humble enough to provide just the services you can do and do them good. Also, people should have their expectations in check, as someone who has never freelanced may think that this is easy money and then you read a lot of posts of people that doesn't understand why they aren't swimming in money.
  5. Certain buyers and sellers have the option to make Zoom calls through Fiverr, this is an option that appears in your general chat or in your ordre's chat. I know that for buyers is only available when they are business accounts (or at least it was like this before), for sellers I don't really know if its added when only when you are in the Seller Plus program or according to your level. The best is to wait until Customer Support answers you, because as far as I know, unless you have their explicit authorization and you proove that using such tools is totally indispensable to do the work you offer using external communications, as you correctly mentioned, are forbidden in the TOS.
  6. Sorry to hear this! I know that asking for a review change is forbidden, but I think that there should be a way where a buyer that made a mistake like this can ask for a review revision, after all, CS can access to all our chats and see that there were no asking for it. I know it would be extra work for them but with all the recently changes in the system (some unbalanced to say the least in my opinion), I think that certain policies should be revised.
  7. Ooh! I've got those ones too. I can understand that you don't reply, maybe something came up, but there's people that do it as an habit. You're having a nice talk, gathering details for the project, and then you hear nothing about it for two days. Used to drive me crazy, I think I manage it better now 🥸
  8. This is a classic one! I've had to learn to slow down myself with some buyers and ask questions one by one to avoid this kind of answers. I think most of the time is a language barrier but i know th feeling when it you receive an answer like that. My keyboard looks at me like saying "don't smash me! Isn't my fault!" 😅
  9. 🤣 what kind of game would it be? A puzzle game: where you have to piece the messages to understand what they say? A managing game: try to keep the chaos at bay while keeping the forum working (it also could work as an RPG or tower defense game). A FPS: well, maybe that wouldn't be such a great idea, maybe too much. So much possibilities!
  10. @sunboatrecords Well, I'm guilty of lacking of patience when changes reach certain level. I had to learn to take deep breaths and to sometimes say no in a convincing way that tells the buyer that its not that I don't want to change it, is that it makes no sense (or isn't within the budget). Also, at first I worked too much I think, too many hours in comparison to the money I was doing, however, with time and some progress this has resolved itself, although sometimes I find myself working again 12 hours a day.
  11. It happened to me at first too, but now I think I'm on the opposite side where I really don't bargain with prices. It has to be a very special project, those that make you want to lend a hand to work creating something that appeals to you or maybe for a really good buyer that has worked with you many times before and now, for some reason, needs a discount. Yeah, I think that is easier getting burned when doing something you don't really like. I can't imagine doing my day job for 14 straight hours, however, as I started in Fiverr to do what I really love to do I've spent that many time working on some projects. Nowadays I try not to work that much and even take some days free as my back started to be resented early this year. I'm up for it!
  12. Well, if they say the can't restore it then theres nothing else anyone can do. Maybe you could refocus what you did on that gig in a way that is permitted by Fiverr?
  13. Thats cool and all, that you develop a method, but I sincerely think, from my experience, that Fiverr don't use this kind of mathematical add ups to value your gigs, in facts, it doesn't work like traditional SEO. That said, I really think that you have some good points in there like finding your niche keyword and use them the best you can and use all the characters you have available.
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