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  1. If are you New Seller! Find out your niche related new sellers which are new ranking on fiverr. Research some 1st page gigs properly (don't copy anything from researched gigs). Now create optimized gig for best performance 🙂 Thanks levelup_graphic
  2. Absolutely, every new seller need buyer finding in social media platform for get more order 🙂 Thanks
  3. This is everyone's problem, currently vacations are going on in foreign countries, so this is happening. Orders may increase towards January/2023 🙂 Thanks and Regard Levelup_Graphic Exceptional logo design for you
  4. This is an false information.
  5. If your services match with Buyer's needs that can you will chance to get a brief 🙂 Thanks
  6. After publishing the gig, if there is any mistake in the gig, I can delete the gig and give a new gig or edit the gig. What should I do? Please help me 😥 Regard levelup_graphic
  7. 1. Get first order ASAP 2. If get any order, then deliver it less time. 3. Do gig marketing to targeted clients. 5. Professionally work with clients. 4. Wait minimum 45 days for gig ratio. If you fillup this criteria you will get top place in fiverr. Thanks levelup_graphic Exceptional logo design for you.
  8. It was a terrible decision of yours to edit the gig instead of having a review.
  9. Stay online, publish 7 gig with effective keyword Research. Old account is a good side for gig ranking ratio system. Focus on your skill development, you will success in future 🙂 Thanks levelup_graphic exceptional logo design for you.
  10. As a new seller, you have to work hard to get orders. Hard work is the key to success. It is not possible to get orders easily if it is a high competition keyword. As a new seller, publish gigs with low competition keywords to getting orders. Be active online on mid night times 🙂 Thanks levelup_graphic
  11. Create more 4 gigs in similar niche and wait for minimum 30 days for gig ratio. If you have good title, gig image and SEO friendly description, you will get order as soon as possible :)) In this period, you should be try developing your skill basic to advance :) Thanks levelup_graphic
  12. If you need good impressions Follow this instructions 1. Create gig with low competition keyword 2. Use SEO Friendly title 3. Write better description (don't copy from other) 4. Create Attractive gig image 5. Use keyword on FAQ section. Thanks levelup_graphic
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