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  1. Hi,
    How are you doing?
    This is sohaib_khaan!
    My account is on the last page for the last 2-3 months, during this duration I have completed over 20 orders, published new gigs, doing social sharing and sending buyers requests.

    But it's not coming back to the initial position or at least somehow, in ranking, I find all my gigs above to some new gigs at the very last page.

    It's very disappointing if one can perform constantly and Fiverr deranked his account without any reason.I know Fiverr trying to give equal chances to everyone.

    Need your fruitful suggestions!

    Thank You!

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  2. if one CS member don’t understand your issue then close the ticket and reopen a new ticket.

    That would be a fast way for them to not get ANY of their tickets/emails read and can put them on a spam list.

    No need to open a new ticket. You may want to know what you are advising before you throw things out there.


    @genuineguidance thank you so much for realising me this 😊

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  3. @lindijvr No, you can not share your personal information unless you can mention it in your gig description.

    Like you, can share your personal information but after order creation and then if the call is needed and you mentioned that I will need to share personal information for the delivery completion in the description you can share it.

    But I will recommend you can take permission from the customer support, if they can allow it for you, then you can share it with your buyer.

    But I will recommend you can refuse to him, that it is against the rules 🚷 and regulations of Fiverr.

    And you can record a video on loom.com or by using any other video recording software.

    Best regards,

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  4. @nateb99 Hello, greetings

    According to Fiverr customer support, we can not force any buyer to accept delivery without satisfaction.

    So, in this situation, try to deliver the existing product than what your buyer demand from you.

    Or if you can not do it, then you can simply refund him,

    Best regards,

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