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  1. Any Solution about Flagged Fiverr Account?????

  2. Fiverr support is not responding to the requests and not answering the question and not explaining the issue as well.
  3. Fiverr is not giving value to the old seller and not responding to the support request. I have connected many times please help me.
  4. This is my only account and First account in fiverr. I never Created account in fiverr before. Thats why i am not understanding whats going on.
  5. I am not getting any solution from Fiverr and after working more than 2 years this is very much dissappointing. I am working hard to maintain the statistics and now there is no solution to it. Fiverr Update just destroyed my career in Fiverr. Please anyone can help me. Or any possible solution.
  6. It's been a long time since we are suffering from the level system. Is there any update about the Fiverr Level System? Fiverr support is not responding as well. They are marking the issue as completed without any reply. This is not a simple issue in Fiverr who take Fiverr as a profession. No one can trust Fiverr if they are doing this and disvalue the sellers and this is not going to help us. Without any level what should I do with the account? I am requesting all the sellers to stand up against this and do something remarkable so that Fiver will think about this and before making any serious decision they think multiple times.
  7. I was also eligible for the top rated but Fiverr update make me undone and they are not responding as well. I am very much tensed and mentally sick about this. Cause we are the sellers they are putting a lot of effort in the fiverr to sustain good score and good service if fiverr doing this kind of things to the sellers how can we go ahed and trust fiverr as our profession.
  8. It's been 2 years i am working in Fiverr and I completed more than 2000 works in fiverr.
  9. Hi Fiverr Forum, I am an Expert in Digital Marketing and Graphics Design. I can Provide Professional Service for any work. I do: ✔️ Social media setup & Marketing ✔️ Design Logo, Banner, Cover, and Flyer ✔️ Data Entry and Research ✔️ Virtual Assistant ✔️ YouTube setup and Promotion ✔️ Video and Photo Editing ✔️ Website Design I have been working for 5 years on these services. I work for many companies and I can provide you with professional service within a short timeframe. I work for Google, and Shopify also. I hope you will have the best experience working with me. Looking Forward to working with you. 😊
  10. When Fiverr will sort out the New Leveling system. And Why Fiverr is not responding to the seller's requests. They are taking a long time to respond and they are avoiding them.

  11. Fiverr support is not responding to the request when I tell them I can verify my identity. It is very disappointing cause being a level 2 seller and serving in fiverr for 2 years they are not responding now. I do not understand what the issue is going on with Fiverr now. Any one facing this issue that the complaint are mark as solved without any reply.
  12. Fiverr Support is getting worse day by day. They took very long time to respond and also gave the same replies to the sellers. When I contacted them about this issue of level system update they told me "Your account has been flagged due to activities indicating a connection to violations of our Terms of Service or location inconsistencies." When I asked to please explain this they took another 2 days and told me we had found a connection with another account that was disabled. I was shocked because this is my first account on Fiverr. I verified my account around 2 years ago I am level 2 low and earned more than 30K with 1100+ 5-star reviews and my all statistics are 100%. I was waiting for Top top-rated badge and I had to face this issue. This is very disappointing for me and my reputation in Fiverr. Working on Fiverr nowadays has become very complex and unfavorable for the extra care of the Buyers as well. All you know is how much effort we have to put into maintaining a good account status. But after hard work for 2 years, it's not desirable to hear this kind of valueless news from the support team. I also told them I could supply my documents if they need any verification documents that I don't link with any old Fiverr. They are just skipping the issue and making me harassed. Nowadays sellers are being harassed by support teams than bad clients. Let me know if you agree. I am addressing this issue to maintain a neutral, friendly, and equal environment to working on Fiverr.
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