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  1. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and want to support Ukrainian freelancers on Fiverr who are able to and want to work during these extremely difficult times. Want to join the effort? Show your support for Ukraine by finding someone who can provide the services you’re looking for – then make sure they’re available and get great things done together. https://www.fiverr.com/stores/support-ukraine
  2. I worked on other freelance platform and i am a top rated talent there but in fiver my experience is so bad, it looks like freelancers are servants here who can't ask anything to clients. Its clients choice where they pay or take the work, abuse and just go happily with the work. My work is always good , i deliver correct work. Its not because its my i am asking this because my work is good. I had worked more than 100 clients successfully. But here on fiver the support team is only for the clients support not for freelancers. 1) client gave me 3 orders for running the project and i successfully done that and pushed the code to github and showed him the project is error free and now working with proof but when he got the work he started saying nothing working nothing working and cancelling order again and again, absued me, my religion and my country. And i contacted to fiver support because its my first order so i dont know that fiver is only for clients. I gave every proof but what they did they cancelled the order saying stupid lines. 2) now after few orders again one person came, he was like a too good to be true, and i had a feeling that he is trying to be so much nicer, and i had an order with the client open he asked me to contact outside i just said ok because i had order, i swere i never contacted him, got warning and also he started cancelling the order after taking the complete work. 3) now again one other client after taking and after the order is completed and after month came back to me and syaing the free work which was ever discussed and was not the par of order he said do it free, i said i can't do it. I had told him every detail of the order and what he will get and what i am providing and what he was asking for free was in my extras of gig. He contacted fiver and fiver cancelled the completed order, the client is happy he took the free work from me. And after all the work i have nothing. Why? where is justise? Dont the fiver people investigate? if they don't want to then why the freelancers have support option for orders and gigs? Such a bad pltform
  3. Hi, everyone. I am an artist and I added videos to my gigs, but I realised on mobile, my gig thumbnails become the video's thumbnail. I want to set the primary photos as the gig thumbnail. But I couldn't find a way to do it. Is there a way to change the thumbnail to my primary photo back, or the only way would be adding primary photo to video an set that frame as the preview? Waiting for your answers.
  4. Hello. I edited my fiverr gig yesterday and made a few changes/additions to the description. Today they reported that my gig was denied The reason for rejection is incorrect. I'm not doing what's written there and I specifically stated that in my Gig description. (In order not to be exposed to such situations). How is it possible for them to throw away my 3 years of effort and income? I wrote a statement to Fiverr support with all the details. Do they have the authority to activate my gig? Because this is definitely a mistake! I live as a student in a country fighting inflation. I can pay my school installments and debts through this site. And now they're taking it from me for the wrong reason. What do they expect me to do? I'm feeling really bad and dont know what to do.
  5. I think it would be beneficial for sellers to help each other out. We can share tips and techniques, and discuss in general. I’m all about open collaboration. Is there any best place to do this? For example, it would be cool to see an official place for Swedish translators to talk with another. Even a Discord server? Thanks!
  6. I had a terrible experience with a seller and they ended up cancelling my order, I received the refund in fiverr credits and seen them in my account but after refreshing the page they are missing! i have contacted customer support with no response, which is quite upsetting that my money is gone and i did not receive a service or get what i paid for! I have used fiverr on multiple occasions but this last time has been a pretty bad experience and now leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I will not recommend to friends or colleagues unless this is figured out
  7. I didn't understand about get a brief . Which rate should i set there ? Can anyone tell me ?
  8. Heya everyone! I just started my Fiverr journey, wish me luck!
  9. About a week ago I received a restriction for apparently violating the Fiverr TOS. Unbeknownst to me, Fiverr claim I have been flagged and restricted for 'manipulating the review system' - now I know this isn't the place to protest my innocence so i'll get on with my questions. 1. I am a relatively new seller and this is the first time anything like this has happened - Is it likely I'll just receive a warning or can my account get banned? 2. Is it likely I will come out of this unscathed? Or is a restriction pretty indicative that the Fiverr team will take action? Has anyone been restricted and then later discovered to have not violated the TOS? 3. If my account receives a warning, how does this affect my ranking and future on Fiverr as a seller? Does anyone have any experience with this? Can I continue to thrive on the platform with a warning? Thanks guys. I am in contact with the support team, but as always they cannot divulge much (if any) info about this.
  10. When I was attempting to verify my gig, I could not access the English Verification quiz. It says need to wait 92 days to retake the quiz, although I have never tried it before. Can anyone tell me why that is and how I can fix it?
  11. Hello Fiverr Community, I wasn't online for 2Months and fiverr sent an email to me but I wasn't active on my email due to the health challenges I had. Coming back to my acct, then I was told to login again to access my account which I did. The problem now is my gigs are inactive but paused. I tried going to each dropdown of each gig but the ACTIVATE BUTTON is no where to be found. Any help or solution please?
  12. Hey there, I will try to keep this civil even though that issue has been making my blood boil and I am usually as calm as it gets. I have been using Fiverr over a year, I have 43 completed gigs and my rating has been 5 stars all the way, I always go above and beyond to make sure my clients are happy with the services I provide ( 3D art ). I always follow the rules, remind people that I cannot take payments out of Fiverr, use materials I own the commercial rights to etc. Recently I had this client that came in and wanted me to work "his way". That meant that he had no clear idea of what the piece was, but that through lots of back and forth we would get to create the piece. I will skip the hell that this has put me through, I just bought that bullet and learned that I should have communicated better on that. After 50 hours of work we finally got to the final version. I deliver the files that were agreed to. Now instead of closing the gig, he asked me for the 3D source files of the project. Until that point we had never agreed to me sharing these files if I were to finalize the gig. I tend to not share them as they contain all of my workflow, and if I do I charge 25% of the gig. But because I refused to deliver them right there and now with the final piece, he reported my account, and to my ( burnt out ) minds surprise, Fiverr immediately gave him reason. 50 hours of work, unpaid, my account freezes and I cannot message people. It has been 5 days and no one in the support is getting back to me. I have very clear proofs that the situation happened as I am explaining it, everything is written in our messages. How do I proceed to fix this mess ? Again this has been over a year of work playing by the rules and getting treated that way has been really rough. If anyone has been in a similar situation feel free to share. Thanks.
  13. Is it no longer possible to withdraw your money if you're from Russia? Payoneer and PayPal both have stopped working 😞
  14. i used my identity card and i have only 17 then immediately fiverr stopped my account is there any chance i can get back my account
  15. Hey everyone, I need serious assistance rn for my problem. I am a seller on fiverr since 2019. I have been doing good on fiverr. But like a couple of months ago, fiverr asked me to verify my id. I couldn't do that at that time, also i didn't know i was so to verify my id within 15 days. After 15 days, i got a message stating: "your account is restricted, since you didn't verify your identity." I immediately went to verify it since there was an option that you can still verify yourself. I gave them a picture of my ID card and clicked a photo of mine for verification. And it's been a month, no reply from fiverr. I have my balance in my account. But my seller profile is not showing. They have restricted it. It’s totally unbelievable. It's disastrous for sellers like us. I have built good relations with my clients on fiverr. I was delivering them projects daily. And now, I am disappeared and they have absolutely no clue where am I. And the most disappointing of all, there's no way to communicate to fiverr support, to register your complain as a seller. I have to post my problem here on this forum. Kindly if someone can help, please do. It's frustrating and depressing at the same time.
  16. CAN YOU PLEASE ENSURE A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP OR SUPERVISOR ACTUALLY READS THIS COMMENT IN FULL & PROPERLY FIXES THE ISSUE? I'M TIRED OF GETTING RESPONSES THAT DON'T EVEN APPLY. So I signed up for my account via the GOOGLE LOGIN OPTION. It skipped through the next page like an error and chose a random username for me. I did not like the username. I decided to change my email and disable the account. I went to rejoin the site with GOOGLE LOGIN OPTION and it just kept saying that my account was disabled. They've reopened my account and I made sure I changed the email on the account. I did as I had thought. Correctly. But every time I try to log in using the GMAIL LOGIN OPTION or try to rejoin the website using the GOOGLE LOGIN OPTION it says either the account has been disabled or it logs me into the account with the changed email and username I do not desire. I've talked to Fiverr Customer Support about 6 times about this via email and they completely disregard what I am saying. Your customer service refuses to read what I have said in full and they give me the proper fix. So I've decided to come here to get my issue fixed. You can view an example of the failed attempts at service via one of my ticket numbers that I'll provide here. >>> #6795576 My goal, in the end, is to disable this old account from my email via the GOOGLE JOIN/LOGIN OPTION so that I can actually create a proper account with the desired username. I still have yet to understand why it never gave me the option to choose my own username. CAN YOU PLEASE ENSURE A CUSTOMER SERVICE REP OR SUPERVISOR ACTUALLY READS THIS COMMENT IN FULL & PROPERLY FIXES THE ISSUE? I'M TIRED OF GETTING RESPONSES THAT DON'T EVEN APPLY. FYI I emailed "Frederico of Customer Support" (via this ticket number listed) the forum post and link so if it's ignored we will know who is to blame. I have gone through my emails and have decided to list the failed attempts with screenshots. Those will be posted next, to the forum. Please just fix the error. I'm tired of waiting. I've been waiting and conversing back and forth. Your customer service doesn't seem to respect my time though I have respected them thus far in spite of multiple errors and their obvious lack of reading the actual full email. It's insulting. I hope you don't treat all your patrons this way.
  17. Hey! I've been on here and I've noticed I can't get any views. For my post, I'm offering services for producing music. I'm am even offering my services extremely cheap to get some reviews first and gain traction. I'd like to think I have a good gig and I'd also like to think I'm good at what I do. It ranks first page in the middle when the phrase "video game soundtrack" is searched. However, I only have 4 views on it in 4 days. It feels very difficult to get a sale if you don't even get views. Heres the link: https://www.fiverr.com/zachpcmr/create-an-original-soundtrack-for-your-video-game-or-project Please, any help, and critique is appreciated greatly. Thank you so much
  18. I have optimized all my gigs to the fullest but all I am getting are fake spammy buyers without any real work who are just wasting my time. Should I really take a paid test on fiverr or is it okay if I just keep on grinding like usual... I need some pro tips
  19. Hey! I've been on here and I've noticed I can't get any impressions. For my post, I'm offering services for producing music. I'm am even offering my services extremely cheap to get some reviews first and gain traction. I'd like to think I have a good gig and I'd also like to think I'm good at what I do. It ranks first page in the middle when the phrase "video game soundtrack" is searched. The gig is active. However, I only have 4 impressions on it in 4 days. It feels very difficult to get a sale if you don't even get views. Here's the link: https://www.fiverr.com/zachpcmr/create-an-original-soundtrack-for-your-video-game-or-project Please, any help, and critique is appreciated greatly. Thank you so much.
  20. Due to very negative work experience, i blocked a buyer after completing their order. The buyer probably turned to fiverr support and the support personnel wants me to resume conversation with the buyer. I have explained myself to support but i really don't want to talk to the buyer anymore. What happens if i do not respond to the support request ? Will the issue remain unresolved ?
  21. Hi, I'm an Nsfw and Sfw artist and I need to speak to customer service, is there a problem if I speak to them because of my content?
  22. Do I have a leg to stand on to ask for a refund when a seller has used illegal resources and nulled templates for my website? These Nulled websites contain malware and provides a threat to my clients website. He did not disclose this information to me before accepting the job. I cannot provide illegal work to my client therefore I need a refund in order to redevelop this website. I have sent a message to support but is this the best way to go about doing it? The seller has now blocked me.
  23. I received a link from buyer (hacker) and that was malware which I didn't get at that time So I opened that in my laptop. And right after that hacker hacked my system and fiverr account and placed 4 orders from my balance. As this is unusual activity Fiverr immediately disabled my account temporarily and takes the access from me and cancelled all the order which hacker did to multiple seller I contact fivver and tell them full situation and they already knew that my account got compromised. So they asked me to verify my details like Payoneer I'd numbers. Last 4 orders amount and later they asked me to verify identity which I did, and my identity is verified NOW. I am able to login in my account but I am still getting account disabled notification. My question is is there anyone who experienced same in past and how much time Fiverr support takes to reactivate accounts like this? It's been 48 hours and Fiverr support didn't replied me so I am worried now about my gigs as they were ranked on 1st page so I don't want to lose my page ranking I will be very thankful if someone give me right answer?
  24. Are sellers in Fiverr safe? Incase of any assistance do the sellers get adequate support here? I have booked a complain here 4.5 months ago, but still didn't get any support from Fiverr. I think it's a matter of concern for sellers to work in a secured way world wide.
  25. Hello experts, My account was deactivate on 19 July. According to fiverr, As my request fiverr deactivated my account. But didn't do. On the other hand I had balance on fiverr, So its not possible to be deactivated by myself. On 21 july, I've got back my account. But I didn't get balance. As fiverr report I withdraw balance 19 july. But I didn't do. And according to my payoneer I Withrow balance on 6 july. My all order has been canceled and order complication rate is down towards.. My Password has been changed. I'm not able to change password, When I send reset request from "forget password". I don't get any mail. Please help me. in this situation , What can I do. Thank you Doer
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