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  1. Great News Guys! 😀 The buyer just gave me a 5 star review. Besides i explained everything to him politely as i am SUPERVISED here! Really Thankful to you. 😊
  2. Thanks a lot for your valuable information. You are right that I got panicked on that issue but I understand now that I should have behaved more gently which I will always try to do in the upcoming days. Thanks again for making the things more clear to me.
  3. Yes ma’am, I have understood this. I need to be more mannered in the conversations. Thank you for your advise.
  4. Thank you SIr for your information . I have understood. I need to be more perfect. Since I am a starter here on Fiverr, i got frustrated seeing the Late on the screen. I will deliver him and will say him sorry.
  5. Hi guyz… I am facing a great problem for the first time here in Fiverr. I Had an order (Report/Article Writing) and i delivered that in time (48 hours) . But after the the delivery the buyer requested for a revision (I had put one revision in the Custom order) for some modification. After the revision requested i happily made the modifications and delivered it again within 24 hours the revisions asked. After I delivered the revised report the buyer was like disappeared for over 30 hours. In that mean time I messaged him several times if he checked the report whether everything is okay or not? And now he has come and asked for another revision! (How come he can ask another revision if I had kept the number of revision 1 in the Quote?) Now Fiverr showing Your buyer requested a revision and says "revise your delivery to avoid cancellation" And also on the order page it shows Red colored " L A T E " Now WHAT SHOULD I DO? The buyer seems creepy! And based on the conversation he might be a 3rd party who hired me to get the job done for his client (I am not 100% sure, but an assumption) . If I deliver him again is how Fiverr will treat this? Will it be marked as Late ? Could the buyer give me a negative review?? Issues.2jpg822×532 43.7 KB Issues855×628 76.8 KB --------- PLEASE HELP ME -----------
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