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  1. The client was new. Its his first time order on fiverr and he was like oing the conversations in the chat box. Okay I wont contact CS from my end unless they give me warning. Even if i get warning, will my profile be banned? 😒 Would there be options to defend myself ?
  2. Okay. Thank you! But i am really scared now. I just gave instructions and nothing else. And the buyer sent me the link.
  3. Its frustrating ! So what should i do now? The order has been marked as completed . Should i submit a request to customer support and tell them about it ? What do you suggest?
  4. Hi good peoples! I had to do an zoom meeting with on of my clients yesterday. The reason i had to do it on zoom because i needed to give instructions on the clients pc and its really hard or impossible to instruct just with the chats or screenshot. FYI the order was running. I know sellers can’t communicate with clients outside Fiverr. So i need to will Fiverr take actions against me? Thanks!
  5. You need to contact the FIVERR CS and tell them the issue precisely may be you can add your GIG Link and ScreenShot. They will Fix It
  6. Oh Sorry I forgot to share… Actually In one of my FAQ i had put my Personal Portfolio Website URL. This was the Main Reason Which is against the law here.
  7. Great News Guys! 😀 The buyer just gave me a 5 star review. Besides i explained everything to him politely as i am SUPERVISED here! Really Thankful to you. 😊
  8. Fiverr CS found something in a FAQ on my GIG which is against the Fiverr rules. I changed the FAQ and now Its all good.
  9. I contacted them and told me to do some modification. I did as they said. And Now my gig is ranked in the First Page 🙂
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