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  1. Sorry if I've misunderstood, but what I meant was I wouldn't discuss the Upworks platform on Fiverr.
  2. Fiverr is the only freelancing platform I use, but if it wasn't I would still avoid discussing any other platform on Fiverr. It's just asking for problems. I think your story is important for freelancers of multiple platforms to be aware of.
  3. Most of them. It's only occasionally I'll get one that's a bit difficult to deal with, but treating these buyers with a bit more care and awareness usually ends up being a good experience. It's rare I get a bad experience.
  4. I've never had major struggles in my life, so I don't want to pretend I completely understand, as perhaps I don't, but my life began significantly improving and has continued to do so, ever since I started to create healthy habits in my life, and most notably a morning routine. Practicing gratitude, smiling regularly (even when I don't feel like it), meditation, breath exercises, physical exercise, listening to self-improvement podcasts and audiobooks, healthy eating, positive self-talk, setting intentions throughout my day, good time management practice, and also making a conscious effort to stay calm throughout my day no matter what I'm dealing with, taking time out for myself whenever I need it and also prioritising family and friends. As time has gone on I've seen significant improvements in all areas of my life due to these healthy habits and I would highly recommend implementing your own healthy habits wherever you can.
  5. I noticed and was wondering about this myself. That will be great if this is for all orders going forward since the date of joining Seller Plus.
  6. @miiilait's nice you're able to be so flexible with your work hours. I like to start my working day around 9:30am to 10am, I have other things to do before this. Then usually work on and off throughout the day and into the evening finishing some time between 6pm to as late as 10pm when I'm really busy. I usually turn Fiverr notifications off at 10pm until I start in the morning as I like to make sure my relaxation time stays relaxation time. I used to keep them on all the time and felt I never had time to myself and was always answering messages. Since turning them off I've noticed no difference to orders, and never had a buyer unhappy they had to wait for a response, so it's worked well. One thing I avoid is Out Of Office mode. The last time I used this I went from several orders a day to no orders for about 2 weeks. Now if I want time to do other things, I just temporarily add longer delivery times, increase prices, or both.
  7. How many hours are you available on the Fiverr platform each day? Do you set a start and end time? Do you let Fiverr notifications wake you in the night? What is your routine?
  8. A custom build i7 with 16 GB ram mostly used for music apps. Thinking of updating to an i9 or AMD Ryzen 9 soon (not a Mac fan). I also have a Dell XPS 13 for when I'm on the move.
  9. I have a little tip which hopefully some of you might find useful... If I'm discussing a potential order with a buyer, most of the time I'll create the offer to make it easy for them. Even though this would be classed as a custom order, most of the time it's just one of my packages. If you select one of your packages, even though it populates the offer with the correct choices, it doesn't specify anywhere which package it is. When it comes to writing the description, I always make sure I start with the package name before writing any description. E.g. Basic package: *insert description here* I will point out to the buyer which package they've ordered and give them details of what they're getting. I've found this solves a lot of problems with miscommunication. And if a buyer says they thought they would get 'x' included, I can remind them of the package they've ordered and what is included, and explain if they want 'x' added I can offer them an extra or upgrade to the package they need. Doing this just gives that extra bit of clarification and since I've been doing this, it has reduced misunderstandings almost completely.
  10. Welcome! I recommend spending time going through the Fiverr forum. There are some great posts here to get your off on the right track, and most of the questions you'll have to begin will no doubt have been answered here already.
  11. Great question! I'd say it's unlikely we'll get a definite answer, but I would imagine it has some kind of bearing, as like you said, it's the perfect expression of a happy buyer! If it isn't taken into account, then maybe the Fiverr team see this and consider implementing it.
  12. For the TRS level, stats are only a part of it. There's no way of knowing the exact criteria, so just seek to improve every aspect of all your gigs and the way you communicate with your buyers. Constant improvement is the only way to ensure you'll eventually reach this goal.
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