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  1. Also, in addition to this really solid advice… You’ve only got one example of your work. The intro you’ve shown looks good, but what if I don’t like that style? How do I know what else you can do? Your gig is your chance to showcase your work, so you should definitely be utilising it more than you currently are!
  2. Didn’t you also begin a post recently saying you were bored of the website and wanted to leave? The only reason that I ask is this is clearly something that you’re thinking about a lot, so perhaps it is time to move on like you say? If it’s making you unhappy/miserable/frustrated and you don’t see an end in sight, maybe it’s the best option. Fiverr isn’t easy. It’s freelancing… Fiverr does a great job of making it look like anyone can make a few bucks doing something on the side, but honestly it’s a slog, especially in the beginning. And even when the orders do come in, you’ll likely be working at a rate way lower than you usually would, fitting it around the other things you have going on in your life. You’re at the beck and call of anyone and everyone… We’ve had to change plans on numerous occasions because a massive 24 hour order has come in at the worst possible time. But what I will say is in my opinion, if you stick it out and make a success of it, it’s so worth it. We live in London, and Fiverr is not our main source of income. But right now, it’s helping us pull together the down-payment for an apartment, hopefully here in the city. Plus we love having our own business. I do think you’re correct that it sounds like it’s time to make a decision one way or the other.
  3. Congrats! Someone else mentioned being asked to participate in one of these about a month ago. Hopefully this is a sign of Fiverr being willing to not only listen to sellers, but to try and resolve some of the issuers that sellers face. It’s pretty clear if you spend any amount of time on the forums that almost all sellers agree on at least one or two things we’d like to see improved. This all seems very positive! Good luck with your call!
  4. We take a look in the Buyers Request section every once in a while. We try and keep our approach positive like some others have mentioned above, but a snapshot of today’s VoiceOver Buyer’s Requests include; Someone who wants almost an hour of dubbing for $10Someone who wants a 30,000 word book narrated for $25Someone who wants 200 words for $5, but wants people to ‘audition’ by submitting a part of the scriptAll of the above include something along the lines of “budget is fixed, don’t bother messaging if more expensive”. We also find that in our niche, the Buyer’s Request is FULL of people who are clearly creating an end product for someone else, and VO is part of their offer (animation videos etc). Their tight budget is because they’ve promised the entire video for $20. Half the time, our price for just the voiceover is more than what they’ve charged their end client for everything. We’re having an EXTREMELY quiet November compared with October, but rather than trudge through the Buyer’s Request, we’re just going to enjoy the quiet and use the opportunity to focus on some of our other business areas that were neglected last month.
  5. Why did they ask you to cancel, especially after it sounds like you’d completed the work? Honestly, your main protection against this in the future will be refusing to cancel for work you’ve completed.
  6. Unfortunately, there probably isn’t much you can do. If you own the copyright to the theme, and can prove it, you would have legal recourse against the end user. But this is probably going to be expensive for you to pursue legally. What they’re doing is wrong, but it would be down to you to try and get them to stop. You need to ask yourself; do you have the time and/or money to do this? If not, unfortunately, I would suggest leaving it. I think the issue is more to do with the cancellation in the first place. How did this come about? Did the client ask you to cancel? Did Customer Support cancel on your behalf?
  7. All that seems to have happened is that you sent a vendor a message (which she didn’t reply to) which indicates she didn’t (and still hasn’t) agreed to anything. I hardly think she is the terrible agreement breaking seller you are making her out to be, and she certainly wasn’t taking advantage just because she didn’t reply to your order request message in a shorter time frame (and she absolutely has the right to come back to you with a higher price if she feels it appropriate - sellers don’t have to accept what a buyer offers). There is absolutely no way someone can know they will get paid in this situation. Any sellers who have worked with you in this way must have been new and not understood how fiverr works (and put themselves at risk by doing so) The only way they know they will get paid is when an order is placed. I will never work for any client without an order, as there is no protection for the work. The whole point of ordering is that fiverr holds the funds until the client completes the order. No seller should EVER work under these circumstances and it shows “sloppy ethics” on your part to expect that, when there is a system in place that every buyer and seller agrees to use when they agree to fiverr’s terms of service. Couldn’t agree with these statements more. Fiverr is not a difficult concept to understand, from the perspective of a Seller or a Buyer. You use the Messaging system to discuss your needs, you order when in agreement, and Fiverr uses it’s Escrow system to ensure both parties get what they should from the deal. Customer Support is there if things go wrong, and you can tip if you want to. Simple. Nowhere on the system does it suggest that buyers can make demands of sellers without the exchange of money, or enter into an ‘agreement’ just by laying out their demands in a message. I really don’t know how some buyers come to the conclusion that this is how the system works, other than that’s how they would like it to work, and they chance their luck with inexperienced sellers. Any buyer even hinting that we should circumvent the system and work on the promise of possible payment would be getting blocked and reported to Customer Support.
  8. Out of genuine curiosity… Why would language like that cause you to block someone? One of our highest-spending returning customers uses super relaxed and informal language like this (and emojis galore!). They’re an absolute pleasure to deal with and spend a fortune with us. I’m genuinely interested. Would you not even reply to see what their next response is like? Or has your experience taught you to see a red flag in this situation?
  9. Congratulations. I took a lot at your gigs, I think it’s great that you’ve injected your personality into them! I’m sure this is part of the reason why you’ve been getting sales. Just a friendly suggestion - you should probably remove the part about December/January. 😉
  10. Some customers will fire out messages to multiple sellers. Logic would suggest they do this because they’re looking for the lowest price, but they might also be trying to see if they have a better rapport with one seller over another (or whatever else is the most important criteria to them). It would be nice to think that buyers would ‘close off’ all their conversations by letting sellers know they’ve found another supplier, but the world doesn’t work like that. This happens to us often. At least 1 out of every 5 messages we get is clearly a buyer mass-messaging looking for the lowest price. We had a buyer the other night message us about an urgent project, and we exchanged 4 or 5 messages, even getting down to the nitty-gritty of the specific time we would be able to deliver her super-urgent project. The next message was our price, and we’ve never heard from her since! She was obviously hoping to pay much less than what we asked for. Don’t waste your time feeling bad about it. Move on. If you find that nobody is replying to your messages, it could be to do with your messaging.
  11. It’s a risky way of running a business as it only works if the buyer always cancels (which also means the seller doesn’t get paid for any work they’ve already done). If you don’t cancel, you could leave a less than glowing review for an order that took far longer due to the files only being partially delivered on time. We’re all human. Things come up. Everyone runs into challenges from time to time that can prevent us from being able to deliver on time. But that’s what the messaging system and the extension request function are there for.
  12. Correct. You’re now in the amendment limbo you spoke of. The countdown clock will continue to tick, but technically your seller can now take their time with your delivery. I guess it’s kind of a loophole, but Fiverr CS would issue them with a TOS Violation warning if they knew about it. Too many of these and the consequences for the seller could be dire. But with good reason, as your seller is effectively cheating the system. There may not be any malice in what they’re doing, but the rule around Delivery is there to protect buyers like yourself. The Delivery button is ONLY to be used to deliver the final product. Your seller knows this, especially if they’re experienced. As a seller, hearing about this frustrates me, as we work hard to ensure that we’re successful whilst still obeying the rules of the system. It gives buyers like yourself a bad experience, Fiverr as a platform a bad name, which in turn negatively impacts our business. Honestly? I think you’ve got the patience of a saint if you’re willing to wait another day before getting Customer Support involved.
  13. You say you requested a revision… without trying to cause trouble for anyone, this sounds like your seller could be misusing their Deliver button, which is a Fiverr Terms of Service violation. They should ONLY deliver the work when it’s finished. If they ‘delivered’ you a sketch instead of the finished work, you do technically have grounds to complain to Fiverr support, as you haven’t received what you paid for. The correct thing for the seller to do would be to request an extension (which you can of course decline). By ‘delivering’ a sketch, they’ve essentially avoided being ‘late’, and as you correctly stated, you could now find yourself in amendment limbo with no time limit. You also will only be able to leave feedback when they deliver the finished work. If you cancel now, you won’t be able to. Like you say, there could be genuine reasons for them struggling to complete their work on time. But if they’re not communicating with you, it could be time to ask Customer Support to intervene (and I’m saying this as a seller!).
  14. It’s fair enough that you would like an answer to your question. As other people have mentioned, the forum is staffed by sellers and users of the platform, not Fiverr staff. Fiverr staff do sometimes browse and engage on the forum, but not typically on individual posts. You’re not likely to get more than the opinions of other users here, and it sounds like you’re looking for something more official. Best of luck with your query.
  15. Perhaps Fiverr isn’t the most suitable freelance marketplace for your needs?
  16. Sorry to hear this has happened to you. We had this a while back with Auto-dialer scripts. A client bulk-ordered a few without messaging. Auto-dialer scripts probably aren’t against Fiverr’s TOS, but these were extremely spammy, we didn’t want to be a part of that industry or attach our voice to it, so we cancelled, and suffered in exactly the way you’re describing now. The good news is that things will pick up again for you. We find that our sales dip for about a week after we’ve had a cancellation, then things start to get better. One thing you could also try (if you haven’t already, I haven’t checked your gigs) is to ensure you mention it in your description. It may be more luck than anything else, but we did this immediately after, and haven’t had any similar orders since. Best of luck.
  17. Use your gigs as an opportunity to demonstrate how good you are at creating animations. Then get out there and show prospective customers how good you are at animating, and how your animations can help them to solve a problem that they might have.
  18. This isn’t technically true. If I walk into McDonalds on my lunch today, I don’t expect to have my order ‘accepted’ or ‘declined’ by the guy behind the counter. They’ve told me what they will offer me and for what cost, and I can go in and get it whenever I want. They can kick me out for being rude or aggressive, and if I ask for something that’s not on the menu, they can tell me that they don’t offer it, and I have to go somewhere else. That’s kind of how Fiverr works. I’m not saying I disagree with your logic here by the way. The cancellation system in Fiverr has caused us a lot of grief, and we don’t like it. If given the choice, yes I would LOVE if we could have an approve/decline button for all orders. But I understand why that won’t happen. Fiverr have chose to create a freelance platform where you apply a ‘menu card’ approach to freelancing. As for the rationale behind this, it gives them a Unique Selling Point when compared with almost every other freelancing website out there. Buyers who don’t want to engage in a conversation with a seller can provide all the information they need and place an order without interacting with a human. It might sound silly, but some customers come here for that very reason.
  19. This is a really interesting point that I don’t think people consider enough when they join Fiverr. If you’re going to be successful here, you’re going to be doing whatever it is you do A LOT. I genuinely think being passionate about your craft gives you an edge over other sellers. We started selling on Fiverr mainly for personal reasons, but we chose voiceover because it was something we already had a passion for. I also produce music, and so I’ve OBSESSED over the quality of our audio over the past 18 months. I’m constantly tweaking our EQ settings, trying out new compression techniques etc. I’m happy with our sound right now, but I guarantee I’ll be playing around with it again in a few weeks, always looking for better. We invested heavily in getting a professional vocal booth a few months back. Sure, this can all seem like work some days… But we really enjoy what we do. I see so many people join Fiverr each day offering ‘Photoshop Background Removal’ or ‘Data Entry’ or ‘Business Card Design’ and you can tell that they’re here because they’ve been told it’s a great place to come and earn a quick buck. I feel for these people, because not only are they going to struggle to get any orders, but even when they do, it means they have to do something they really don’t care about. When you look at the top sellers in almost any category on Fiverr, you can tell that they do what they do because they genuinely love it.
  20. We had a similar situation over the weekend. The buyer ordered on Saturday, with a 48 hour delivery. They wanted us to record a voice-over and mix in music, but they did not tell us what music they wanted. We guided them to our music library, and asked them to choose a track… 24 hours later, we still hadn’t heard anything from them. In this instance, we used the Dispute Button to raise a dispute. We politely explained to the buyer that we had lost 24 hours as we did not have the full requirements, and asked the buyer to extend by 24 hours. When he eventually came online, he agreed to the extension and gave us the info we needed. We were actually able to deliver the work within the original timeframe, but we wanted the additional time just in case. Be firm and be polite. You can’t be expected to work without all of the required information, and if you lose time because of this, you are well within your rights to ask the buyer for additional time to cover that which you have lost.
  21. In the first instance, we don’t report. We just explain politely that we insist on all of our communication taking place within the Fiverr messaging system, and that if the buyer wishes to continue with an order, these rules would need to be adhered to. If the buyer continues to push for off-site communication, then sure, report away. But when we message back like this, almost all buyers agree to communicate via Fiverr. As you say, often it’s a genuine lack of understanding of how Fiverr works, and not anything malicious. Also, there are some cases where off-site communication is permitted, but we prefer to avoid it altogether.
  22. It must be an attempt to be seen and to get a sale. It’s potentially also linked to the amount of advice I see for new sellers telling them to “stay active on the forum”.
  23. I totally understand why this would be stressing you out. I looked at your profile. You’re clearly excellent at what you do. And I can also understand why you don’t want a negative review when you have over 1000 positives. Hopefully the cancellation doesn’t adversely affect you too much. Best of luck.
  24. You can’t remove it I’m afraid. If you truly believe it was unjustified or malicious, you can always try asking Customer Service. But the general opinion is that they won’t remove it. This is going to happen from time to time. Chalk it up to experience and move on, there really isn’t much more you can do here I’m afraid.
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