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  1. @araftalukder976 You've posted in the News section of the forum. Could you please move your post to the Fiverr Questions forum (as this is a question related to Fiverr, and not news), where you're much more likely to get an answer to your question.
  2. You’ll be able to offer your services by creating a gig. If that doesn’t mean anything to you yet, it will once you’ve read through the Terms of Service, and worked through some of the help articles on Fiverr.com.
  3. Hi @ginspirationsco Welcome to the forum. You don’t appear to have created any gigs yet? I’d recommend having a read through the sites Terms of Service to better understand how Fiverr works. Fiverr.com Fiverr's Terms of Service One marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done.
  4. It’s literally written on the Levels page of Fiverr… image1125×814 120 KB Fiverr.com Fiverr's Levels Fiverr's Levels provide sellers even more tools to make money on Fiverr.
  5. Is there any chance of hosting any of this content and making it available to view, for those of us who were unable to attend?
  6. 100% agree - I learnt this the hard way too, and make a point of always setting an expiry. But I only learnt this within the last year or so, and have no idea how many offers are still ‘out there’… It would be great if there were a way of quickly seeing all of your pending offers.
  7. I’m always astounded at how many people come on to the forum to complain that they are being ‘scammed’ because a buyer is demanding a refund, but fail to acknowledge that they’re offering dodgy scam services themselves, with this gig being a perfect example. If eBay want a seller to verify their bank details, they expect the seller to use THEIR OWN bank, not hire some guy on Fiverr to use his bank temporarily. How could you possibly think that this is OK? That’s not just against eBay’s Terms of Service, and therefore Fiverr’s own Terms of Service, it’s essentially fraud. It’s like saying “oh it’s OK, I can sit this exam for you, and then once I’ve passed, you just change the name of the qualification to your name, no problem”. This will sound harsh, but I don’t care - I hope Fiverr CS remove both your gig and your account. You’re engaging in fraud and have no right to be here on Fiverr, and services like this do nothing but drag the Fiverr brand through the mud, validating the people who believe that Fiverr is overrun with people offering scam services.
  8. @murtaza_1876 - what service do you offer here exactly? Can you explain what you actually do? I can’t help but think that inputting your bank details to another seller’s account (a seller who has had their eBay account suspended) in an attempt to circumvent the suspension, would be a HUGE breach of eBay’s own terms of service, no? That in itself is also a breach of Fiverr’s terms of service.
  9. The issue, from what I can see, is that you’re using a service other than Fiverr to convert €17.54 into $. For example, if I look on Google, a $20 gig SHOULD cost €16, if you go by Google’s conversion rate. But this means nothing, as you’re using Fiverr’s platform. This isn’t a bug - Fiverr use their own currency conversion rate, NOT the same rate used by Google or major banks. Is this a good thing? Not really, especially when you’re converting USD to GBP to withdraw like we do. But it’s Fiverr’s platform, and they’re allowed to do as they please. If you want to use their service, and sell to a European buyer, you have no choice but to go with it. As has already been mentioned, either you or the buyer need to absorb the cost. And honestly, I would suggest that this is something that the buyer needs to deal with, not you.
  10. We’ve definitely had our fair share of the old ‘energetic but melancholy, with angry passion, but also like you’re whispering a bedtime story to a sleeping child’ types of nonsense briefs over the years! The funniest that comes to mind lately is a TV ad that we did. The ad involves two astronauts working on a space station. The script was basically humming the tune to Sprach Zarathustra (I confess I had to Google it, but then had an “oh, thaaaaaaat tune” moment when I did) - but here was the kicker. Because we were playing the role of being ‘in space’, we had to try and record at a really high quality, but as though we were wearing a space helmet. We ended up just recording right up next to the microphone rather than a few inches away, and the client was really happy, but it was definitely one of the funnier/weirder jobs we’ve done. What I remember about the job though, was that the client never thought to contact us first. In fairness, he ordered perfectly - included all the relevant usage rights etc, so no issue there. But at no point did he think that it might be a good idea to have a chat first about whether we’d want to record ourselves humming in space… 🙂
  11. I personally think that the niche market for subscriptions is super-small, but Fiverr don’t want to admit just how small it actually is. Where I can really see this working, is where you’re literally swapping a service for money, rather than a tangible end product. So something like managing someone’s social profiles for example. You might agree on 10 hours per month of managing someone’s Twitter handle, and agree a price for it. Subscriptions could be great for that. Or perhaps some IT related work, bug-fixes, server maintenance etc. Instead of having to create a new order each time, why not just have it on repeat, until the client says otherwise? But anything where you’re delivering a product, like a voice over or a logo, or a website? I just don’t see what the benefit to most clients would be to commit to a specific volume of IDENTICAL orders each month. We have a client who orders about once a week on average, and their order values are always very similar. But, for example, they placed an order today, yet didn’t order once during March. I can’t imagine they would be happy at the notion of having to pay for something they didn’t need. (I’m not saying subscriptions shouldn’t exist as an option btw - if you can make use of it, good for you, I like that Fiverr have tried something new. I just feel like most sellers here are unlikely to be able to make use of it) What I think would be good, although I understand it would need a lot more work, would be a retainer service. We’ve got clients who we could perhaps sell the concept of buying an hour or two of our time each month, and they could simply dip into that as and when they need to, without having to put through random orders each time. Big companies with big budgets, who hate the faff of having to find a company credit card each time they want to order. One easy, repeat expense which looks neater on the client’s side, and is some guaranteed monthly income for us, and would sit nicely in the whole ‘Fiverr Business’ ecosystem the company is trying to build at the moment.
  12. Is this why you create so many posts each day, asking questions that you could easily find the answer for by simply searching either here on the forum, or via Google? I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but this is a strategy that, at best, will not benefit your profile at all, and at worst, will do your profile more damage than good, for a few reasons. If you believe that there are lots of buyers seeking out sellers here on the forum (there aren’t), then seeing you posting very basic questions each day isn’t going to inspire confidence in them.If you accept that the forum is predominantly populated by sellers, more so than buyers, then even if people go and look at your profile, we are NOT your target audience, and so the chances of you making a sale are very slim.If you accept that the Fiverr algorithm is constantly reviewing our profiles, assessing our ability to deliver what clients want, and that conversion rate plays a key role in this, then having lots of useless traffic delivering ‘clicks’ to your gigs, but not buying, could actually be quite harmful. It tells Fiverr that you are unable to convert the traffic that comes to your gig.I know that this advice will probably not be heeded - but this strategy of spamming the forum with basic questions all the time is really not going to help you out in the long-run.
  13. The answers to all your questions and more… Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 09.10.221734×1658 300 KB
  14. The fact that people continue to believe that a business listed on the NYSE would use a ‘rotation’ system for serving up search results, rather than an algorithm which focuses on matching spending buyers with appropriate, able sellers, truly baffles me. I can only assume it’s because it’s easier and less painful to blame poor performance on “rotation”.
  15. I second this, 100%. In my experience, so long as you can show Customer Support that the reason for the cancellation is Buyer error, outside of your control, they will always cancel, and always without it impacting your stats.
  16. Fantastic article @frank_d , thanks for taking the time to put it together. Here’s my recent experience, that for me 100% validates what you’re saying; About a year ago, we branched out from Voice Over, and started offering Screen Capture videos. Completed maybe 60 over the year, and made some good money out of them. 100% 5-star reviews, happy customers etc. But, they were a NIGHTMARE to convert. I think if I converted 5% of enquiries, that would be me being generous. Buyers would message about whiteboard videos, animated videos, stock footage videos, spokesperson videos, “can you make me a video just like this huge budget Slack video” etc. Or they’d want the moon on a stick, with a budget of $50. Revisions were ALWAYS needed, projects took forever to turn around, and cancellation rates were high compared with our VO gigs. On the surface, nothing was wrong - but reading this, I suspect everything was wrong. In our first call with our Success Manager, we talked about this - and I came to the conclusion that we’d lost our focus, because ALL of our gigs were suffering, and had been for a while. A few weeks back, I made the decision to pause the video gigs (temporarily, but most likely permanently), and focus only on Voice Overs again. And our VO gigs have shot off like a rocket ever since! This could only be temporary, it could even be coincidental, but it feels like our voice over gigs are on steroids at the moment, and I think it’s because Fiverr 3.0 knows that when it comes to VO, we’ll give Fiverr what they want; lots of customers who are happy to spend their money. Less friction, more sales. I’ll be implementing some of the things you’ve suggested here re gig descriptions and keywords, and let’s see where this goes!
  17. I’d suggest you have a read of Fiverr’s Terms of Service (which you agreed to when you signed up), as the answer to your question, along with other things you really need to know about buying here, is all covered in there; Fiverr.com Fiverr's Terms of ServiceOne marketplace, millions of professional services. Browse. Buy. Done.
  18. I totally get it - it feels like a kick in the teeth, being ‘punished’ for something that isn’t your fault. At least now you know how to avoid it, should it happen again in the future. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be back up there (and beyond) soon enough!
  19. Omg that’s super madness!! But thanks so much for taking the time to explain it to me so I can avoid this very specific set of circumstances in the future! I feel validated to know someone else has experienced this unfairness… and thanks for sharing your work-around with me. -----‐---------- Here’s my more recent correspondence with CS. “Nick, I am providing screenshots again to show you how my initial delivery for order FO37DB892041 was not late. Please note how the order was placed on 20:09 2/11/21. My initial delivery was made at 17:07 on 2/13/21. Correct me if I’m wrong but 17:07 is 3 hours and 2 minutes before the deadline. You’ve stipulated that the initial delivery had to be made before the deadline to not be considered late. Yet during this order, I delivered before the deadline and re-delivered a few more times before the deadline based on revision requests by the buyer. I then took her to the resolution center to charge her for an additional revision. The fourth and FINAL delivery made on this order came at 21:31. This was the delivery which was accepted by the buyer but by no means was this my initial delivery for this order. As stated above, the initial delivery was made at 17:07 on 2/13/21. Please explain why this delivery made at 17:07 did not keep my order from being considered late. If you can not help me or give me an answer please put me in contact with someone who can.” Nick is adamant that my initial delivery was made at 21:31, but that wasn’t my initial delivery for the order, it was my 4th delivery. PhotoGrid_16160694497821080×1080 132 KBAnd here’s a breakdown for those who are still confused. Order placed at 20:09 on 2/11/21 Initial Delivery made at 17:07 2/13/21 Revision Request #1 made at 17:24 Redelivery #1 made at 17:54 (Then I saw that the buyer added additional notes for her revisions) Redelivery #2 made at 18:14 Then she sent more notes after that and I stated that I would have to charge for additional revisions. Sent an offer through the Resolution Center at 20:24. Set additional time needed to 0 days (probably what triggered the bug and made the whole order late.) Resolution accepted by buyer at 20:50 Fiverr now warns me that the order is late. Final delivery (Redelivery #3) made at 21:31 Unfortunately, we also had a similar experience to yourself, in trying to argue the case to Fiverr Customer Support. I don’t know if they are unable to see the original delivery, or if they’ve been told to argue the case even if presented with screenshot evidence, because we also sent them screenshots, and were also told that we were wrong, and that we’d delivered late. In the end, we dropped it. We get quite a lot of orders, and this was literally our only ‘late’ order in 4 years, so we just took the minor hit to our stats and moved on. Unfortunately, I’d suggest you do the same. Arguing with Support about stuff like this doesn’t usually go anywhere… Your thread title says you got demoted because of this? Were you a Level 1 seller prior to this?
  20. I don’t think it’s against the forum rules to ever mention a country - it’s more a case of not saying things like “this user from _____ just did _____” or “all people from ____ are ____” etc. You can mention where you live, especially in a non-offensive conversation like this. To your question; We live in the UK - according to Indeed (major recruitment site), field workers here earn £9.37 per hour. Times that by 8 and I guess you have a daily rate of £74.96, or around $105. Which comes to an annual salary of about £18,000 (if you assume that most people working these roles likely don’t get much in the way of paid leave or benefits, and I’d suspect many are on zero-hours contracts, with no guarantee of work). This might sound like a lot to some people viewing the forum, but the cost of living in much of the UK is extremely expensive, especially in the large cities. Rent on a 1 bedroom flat here in London will be a minimum of £1,000 plus per month.
  21. It’s a very specific set of circumstances that cause this bug, so I’m sure the other contributors in the thread are trying to help you, it’s just possible that they’ve not come across this yet. We have, so have real-world experience of this happening. It depends. Let’s say that you submit your order on Monday (Day 0), just as the order countdown clock is coming to an end. Then let’s say the client requests a revision on Wednesday (Day -2). If you created a gig extra with a delivery time of 1 day, you’d deliver 1 day late (Day -1). So, you’d have to submit a Gig Extra with a delivery time of 3 days. 2 days to get the clock back to 0, and 1 day to allow you to work. Make sense? It’s MADNESS. And super frustrating, and we’ve argued this one out with Fiverr Customer Support before too. You essentially have to explain to your client that you need to request a gig extra for 3 days, even though it’s only going to take you 1 day to do the work.
  22. This is standard. I’m not saying it’s OK, but it’s also not a bug, it’s a limitation of the Fiverr system. You can choose Zero revisions, and a buyer can still request a revision. Fiverr will say this is because they can’t force a buyer to accept work. I don’t see this ever changing. I genuinely believe this is what caused the issue, and it’s definitely a bug. How many days did you add on to the resolution? You have to add enough days to cover both the time since the order timer reached zero, AND some time to allow you to work. For example, if the order countdown clock is showing as -1 day, and you set a resolution with a timer of 1 day, you’ll be late immediately. You’d have to say 2 days, 1 day to cover the lost day, and another day to cover the extra day you require to complete the work. It’s a bug, and one that Fiverr have been made aware of countless times over the years. The only solution is the workaround I just mentioned.
  23. @mgreen129 When the client requested a revision, did the client actually put the order into revision? Or did you send them a Gig Extra, for whatever it was that the client wanted, but without the order having been actually put into revision? (what I mean here is that the client may have told you they’d like a revision, but they may not have actually hit the ‘I am not happy with this order’ button to put the order into revision) - Did you get a notification on Fiverr telling you the client had requested a revision? Or did you just discuss it, and then send them over a Gig Extra? We’ve had this happen once before - and it’s a bug that kind of messes everything up. It keeps the order countdown clock going, and disregards the timing of your initial delivery, which can then lead to an order being late, even though your first delivery was on-time. It essentially takes the delivery time of your LAST delivery, which of course could then be deemed as late. The only fix is to ensure that whenever a client says they’d like a revision, you must insist that they put the order into revision, before you’ll do anything for them.
  24. Hey @frank_d - I feel you, I still hold my breath each time I submit a client review for fear of what might come back, even after 4 years of almost exclusively 5-star reviews. Silly, I know. For what it’s worth, I looked at the guy’s review on your profile, and it 100% reflects poorly on him, not at all you. Your response was spot-on. This is clearly a buyer who does not understand Fiverr and/or the English language, and most sensible buyers would be able to clearly see that.
  25. It actually has the potential to cause problems for all us who sell properly here on Fiverr. Whilst I think most vigilant buyers would be able to quickly tell that this seller is stealing someone else’s gig, not everyone knows how Fiverr works. All it takes is someone reading an article about Charmaine Pocek, googling her and somehow landing on this guy’s gig. It’s clear from the OP’s original post here that they can’t speak English well at all, so it’s obvious that whatever service they will deliver will be of a terrible quality. Whilst a buyer might get refunded, they’re still likely to think of Fiverr as being negligent for allowing someone like this guy to operate here. That kind of reputational damage can be really hard to shake off. It’s why I always report sellers who behave like this. I get that some people are desperate, and will do whatever they think needs to be done to make some money. But these sellers are causing damage to a platform which I rely on for income. I’ve thought for a long time now that Fiverr need to seriously consider making the barrier for entry MUCH higher on Fiverr. A proper application process, manual vetting of gigs etc. I feel like it might be coming, with the investments Fiverr are making in trying to be seen as THE number one freelance marketplace.
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