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  1. Congratulations! Keep doing 🙂
  2. I think it was a bad idea to delete your old account. But since you already did it, you have to work extra hard to get your first order. Do some reading on SEO and try to optimize your gigs for specific keywords. Also, being in Nigeria is actually an advantage. Your bills are not as high as those in the developed countries and the Dollar is stronger than the Naira. That means you can afford to charge less and still make a decent profit.
  3. Start here: How effective social media marketing for gig marketing? How to gig marketing?
  4. Me too! And I always leave a review whenever I buy as well.
  5. Hey, does anyone know of any website/organization that is offering some sort of relief fund or loan for freelancers based in Africa?
  6. What I meant by organic traffic is the traffic you get from people who search for your gig on fiverr. It is easier to convert such traffic than paid-for-traffic. So you should focus on improving your gigs to get them ranking well on fiverr
  7. You can run the ads if you want to. But Facebook ads are a bit tricky and you might end up using a lot of money without getting any orders. I recommend using other methods of promoting that will not cost you anything. But if you feel optimistic, then try with a small budget and see if you have a good ROI before adding more money to the campaign. In my opinion, organic traffic is the best kind of traffic for your gigs.
  8. I am very poor at actively promoting my gigs. (tbh, I hate it) So I am guilty of taking a break when things get slow. Maybe I will improve this year. Just maybe…
  9. I got a client sometime ago who gave me lots of work. They placed a new order every week for almost a year. They had easy to follow instructions and were really easy to work with. They respected my process and left generous tips. Once the project was over, they promised to return next time they needed similar work and also to refer me to their friends. That is my dream client.
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. Clearing the cache worked 🙂
  11. I have a new message from my client that I can’t open. I see it under the notifications but when I click, it doesn’t show up in the inbox. Anyone else experienced this? And can I resolve it?
  12. Basics to Improve Your Gig. A helpful breakdown and guide Things that you should follow before asking, How to get Order?
  13. I use paypal for my small withdrawals and payoneer for my large withdrawals. I have no complaints on my end. Sorry it didn’t work for you though. Hope it gets resolved
  14. This is an interesting point… I’m lucky, I’ve never had a mean boss, but I totally get how draining it must be to those who do. I remind myself of the freedom I have as a freelancer, in terms of my hours and how I choose to use my time. The idea of being told “you must be at your desk by 9am” seems so alien to me now, I can’t see it as being anything other than silly. My bad days tend to be when I’m beating myself up for not having ‘done’ enough that month (not enough orders, not enough money etc). I find that taking a moment to really appreciate the massive benefit of being a freelancer, in terms of being able to decide how and when I work, really does help. I was up all night yesterday working because I want to free up some time early next week. I love the flexibility of freelancing. I can plan my hours as I please.
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