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  1. I’m not disagreeing with you that there’s an issue. Believe me, we’ve had our fair share of awful buyers placing orders that create an admin headache for us. But… what you’re suggesting isn’t without it’s own issues, and the practicalities of implementing it are probably a major part of the reason why it hasn’t been implemented. How would it work? Would I as a seller have to Approve or Reject an order before the order countdown clock starts? In which case, what happens to the many buyers who buy from us overnight, ordering 24 hour delivery? If they have to wait 8 hours for me to be awake and at my desk, I guarantee they’d stop buying. Alternatively, you allow all orders to ‘go through’ to begin with, then give Sellers a Reject button, only to be used for orders like the ones you’ve mentioned. But, a button that allows a seller to cancel an order with no repercussions? I guarantee that would get abused… Not to mention, buying instantly, ‘Amazon’ style is one of the key USPs of Fiverr. The whole point is you don’t have to speak to a Seller if you don’t want to. I don’t see Fiverr wanting to get rid of that. I totally get why you’d want this - we’d like it too. I just think from a practicality perspective, it’s not as straight forward as you might think.
  2. The one question I always ask struggling sellers (that they can never seem to answer), is ‘why should anyone hire YOU, instead of the tens of thousands of other sellers?’ Nowhere on your gigs do you answer that question. There’s nothing about your gigs that would make me hire you instead of anyone else. In fact, because your description is written in pretty poor English (I get that English isn’t your native language, so respect to you for giving it a go - but this is an English site so your grasp of the language probably needs to be a bit better), I would assume that I would struggle to communicate with you, and would likely pick a seller with lots of reviews instead - they’re only marginally more expensive in your niche. And, I hate to say this - but how much Data Entry work do you think there is on Fiverr? Most companies that need someone to do laborious Copy/Paste work just hire in a temp to do it. Data protection laws mean that most businesses with this kind of work won’t be able to just outsource it to a random person on the internet. I had a quick look, and the top sellers in the niche don’t appear to be that busy, especially when compared with niches like writing/audio/video etc. I really think you need to re-think your offerings. What else can you do, besides copy/paste? Can you edit video or audio? Can you develop apps? Can you build websites? Look at the services available across all of Fiverr, and see if you can do any of them. I would go right back to the point of identifying a skill, and looking for a way to capitalise on that skill, rather than trying to compete in what is essentially, a niche with not a huge amount of demand, but an overwhelming amount of competition.
  3. Every time I post a buyer request, I tend to describe all the requirements. I get around 50-100 offers to each request, but how do I identify the best seller among others? That’s the question popping in every buyer’s head. Here is how… Write something unique somewhere in middle of your project description. For example, I once tried this while writing my request. I got 90 offers to my request, and the funny thing is that only 4 offers had A+ written at the first line of description. What did that mean? Only 5% of the sellers read my project’s description carefully and I identified serious sellers for the project without any effort. This shows how serious the sellers are here on fiverr. How’s the idea? I disagree. Myself, and many other sellers that I speak with, find that the Buyers Request section of Fiverr is such a car-crash most of the time, that we avoid it. We haven’t replied to a Buyers Request in about 3 years. If you’re not identifying quality sellers and reaching out to them directly, I guarantee you’re missing out on a huge chunk of talented sellers. Not to mention, you could reach out to only the small handful that you actually like, avoiding the following; Because honestly, if a buyer ever did this; I would find it so patronising and condescending, that I would immediately disregard working with that buyer. Remember - Fiverr is a two-way process! Sellers need to want to work with you too, as well as you wanting to work with them! I’m not debating that there’s an issue with poor-quality sellers failing to read Buyer’s Requests - there is! But your approach is attempting to solve the problem by putting silly, arbitrary requirements in which any experienced Seller would see as a red-flag that you’re not a suitable buyer to work with. You’d be much better off changing your approach to one where you shortlist suitable sellers up-front, and approach them directly with a request. You’ll have a better working experience, build positive relationships, and avoid all of the headaches you’ve described in this post.
  4. Sorry to hear you’ve had some bad experiences. What kind of due diligence are you doing before hiring these writers and editors? What’s their Level? What’s their background in terms of reviews and previous client feedback? Did you engage them to talk through the project beforehand? If so, what kind of vibe did they give off? Did you come away from the conversation confident that they could complete your task for you? And, respectfully, what’s your budget for these jobs? Not asking for an actual figure here, but are you paying fair market rate for writers and editors of a suitably high quality?
  5. What was the job that you tried to get completed? And, as I think it’s important in order to give you advice, what was the budget you were paying to get the work done? Nope, nothing you can do, this is Fiverr working as it should. If you cancel a job, you lose the right to rate someone, which is as it should be. If you want to rate them, don’t cancel - then you get to leave a scathing review. But you have to pay for it. That’s fair.
  6. Why are you communicating with a seller via Telegram? You’re aware you’re now in breach of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and could lose your account, especially if you’ve included those screenshots in your messages to Fiverr CS.
  7. Yup, and it’s the reason why we no longer provide custom demos (unless the project is of a huge value, and we get proof of that up-front). We usually just advise people to listen to the demos on our page, or send them our showreels if they insist on having something downloadable. I’d bet money that whenever this is happening to you, your demo is one of many that the client has collected to send to their client to audition. Their client picks their favourite, informs your buyer, and your buyer engages that seller. If they’re professional, they might come back and let you know that your demo wasn’t picked, but most don’t. We’ve actually had to block someone recently, as we realised they’d asked for a demo 8 times over the past couple of years, but never actually bought anything. At that point, the ‘buyer’ isn’t actually a buyer, and is just a drain on our resources.
  8. I don’t think we’re listening to the same demo, because this to my ears sounds like something made on a computer built in the 1980s. I could type the text into Google Translate, record the audio, and it would sound more natural. I know I’m probably coming across as harsh… I just don’t understand why anyone would pay money for this, when even a 20 year old computer could do a better job using the built-in voice to text tool?
  9. It’s not computer generated voice . It 100% is a computer-generated voice, and it sounds awful. Learn a skill. Offer something of value. Stop trying to scam.
  10. Do you use a pop filter with this? What’s your setup like? I’m thinking about converting my desk into my recording station but I’ve had it drilled into my head that I need a “booth” setup and I’m not sure I’m ready to break away from it yet! Also, hope you guys are doing ok in your neck of the woods. Been a long time 🙂 X We’re good thanks! I mean, every day feels like Groundhog Day at the moment and we’re sick of the inside of our flat, but I think that’s the same for everyone at the moment, so can’t really complain. Kind of… The SM7B comes with two pop filters, that are more ‘covers’ that go over the actual microphone element. We use the thick one for VO recording, and it does a pretty good job at keeping out all but the most harsh of sibilants. We use something called an ‘Isovox’, which is the closest we could get to a booth in a small flat. It’s a box that goes on a heavy duty speaker stand that you kind of walk in to, and it covers your head only. It’s good because we can pack it away each time when we’re done with it, and it takes a matter of seconds to setup. IMG_42103024×3024 2.63 MBIt was £800 and honestly, it’s the best investment we’ve ever made. We’re actually going to move out of London next year, and the house we’re looking to buy has space for us to install a proper vocal booth. But until then, this does the job.
  11. Glad to hear you’re feeling better 🙂 Being ill sucks, especially when it impacts your ability to earn a living. We use Shure SM7Bs, and can vouch for them 100%. I’ve used a Neumann TLM 102 before and it’s fantastic - I know a few people who own them and they absolutely swear by them.
  12. Is anyone else totally unable to save any changes to their gigs? I’m trying to amend our gig time (take off 24 hour and increase overall delivery time by one day) as we’re away this weekend. No matter what I do, when I press ‘Save’, nothing happens. ‘Save and Preview’ opens the gig, but shows that no changes have been made. I’ve tried on my Macbook (main computer), Windows Laptop, ipad, iphone… I’ve even gone off wifi and tried on data. I’ve tried the usual clearing of cache etc. It’s basically as if the Save button isn’t even recognised as a button anymore. Anyone else experiencing this glitch? It’s super annoying, as if it doesn’t resolve today, I’m gonna have to use Out of Office instead.
  13. I’d also point out that with a username like “need_work”, you’re leaving yourself open to exploitation from buyers who wish to take advantage of you. You don’t hear businesses calling themselves “Help We Need Money Ltd”, because it sounds desperate, and doesn’t actually tell potential buyers anything about what they do/offer. You may wish to rethink your choice of username, especially as it appears you haven’t technically started on Fiverr yet.
  14. Thanks! Update; the client tried Chrome, and it worked fine. Being totally honest, this client is kind of… ‘old school’ - the screenshot was pasted into a word doc and sent to us, and the version of IE they were using did look pretty ancient. Hopefully, most clients will have up-to-date browsers so this doesn’t become an issue.
  15. Interesting one here, and I’m conscious that this may well be a ‘user issue’ rather than a Fiverr issue. But, as we all know, the topic is feedback/reviews, and I daredn’t ask my client for more info, in case someone in CS slaps us down with a ‘feedback manipulation’ warning… Long and short - the client was asked to complete private feedback, and messaged me this screen saying “I can’t give you the top feedback score due to your profile picture being in the way.” If this is a one-off with this client, not really an issue. I also noticed that the client was using IE, so I kind of hinted (without asking her to check) that perhaps a different browser might provide a different result. But if this is happening to other users and across browsers, this is a pretty serious issue, as we all know how important private feedback is… Anyone else seen this? Had this reported to them? Screenshot attached - sorry it’s so low res, this is what the client sent me.
  16. I totally get why you might want to update your username. The only counter-argument I’d make to this, is that your name is super memorable. It’s one that I remember, even though I’ve only interacted with you on the forum a few times. I guess from a brand-building perspective, that’s pretty good? I bet your clients remember your name more than some others on the platform. I wish we could change ours from ‘cubittaudio’ to something like ‘cubittmedia’, as we now do more than just audio… but then, it doesn’t seem to have stopped us from getting non-vo work. There’s a guy on Fiverr who’s referenced in lots of press articles due to his success with animated video gigs and marketing gigs, and his username is ‘customdrumloops’ because he first started out selling drum loops!
  17. All those with a crush on Miss Cubittaudio are eagerly awaiting Cherboub’s reply, I’m sure. 🙂 I forgot to add “asking for a friend” at the end of my last post… 😉
  18. So I’m asking this as a genuine question - because I guess I’m trying to understand your side of the discussion. Do you believe that I (as a man who’s in a happy relationship) could ask a witch to apply a spell, to make another woman fall out of love with her partner, and fall for me instead? And likewise, do you believe that a woman could buy a spell, that would make me lose the feelings I have for my partner, and want to be with them instead?
  19. Team 2 here, personally. I don’t mind the lifestyle/entertainment sub section of Fiverr. You wanna write a slogan on your forehead and record yourself doing a custom tiktok dance, go nuts. But even with those silly gigs, it’s clear what you’re buying. With the witchcraft gigs, I don’t think it is. You’re paying someone to recite something/say something, nothing more. Yet I think a lot of people think they’re buying an outcome. And I think some sellers are happy to allow people to think that, and even advertise their gigs like that’s the case. For something like this, where people are potentially handing over big money, I really think it needs to hit you in the face before you order - FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY Because you can’t guarantee the outcomes… if you could, I’ll just order every money spell on the platform this afternoon and then shut down my profile while I think about how to spend my millions. I suspect a lot of gullible people have sunk their last dime into witchcraft gigs, and I can’t help but feel that there’s something wrong with that. I noticed that the money ones seem to be getting shut down. With the direction Fiverr is clearly heading (let us help you with your very serious business needs and issues), I don’t see witchcraft existing as a category for that much longer. And honestly, for the sake of the platform, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.
  20. Hi, This is the user forum, made up entirely of buyers and sellers, not Fiverr staff. Posting here won’t help you, nobody from Fiverr will read it. Also, according to the email, you’ve had 2 warnings for breaking the rules prior to this, yet you broke the rules a third time. You’ve likely lost your account now.
  21. So, just to unpack all of this… The only way this can happen, is if you input your card details into Fiverr and authorise a transaction. So that was you, please don’t make out like a seller has done this. Your transactions even show ‘Fiverr.com’ so all this talk of fraud is nonsnese - you placed an order. Right… because you placed an order, and you’ve now got buyers remorse. Fiverr doesn’t work like that. No, that would be illegal. Don’t be silly. But the ‘disaster’ would appear to be entirely of your own making? I can’t provide you with a spell, but I can advise you that if you need money, spending your money on a money spell is counter-intuitive. Again, this is kind of on you… You wrote this literally minutes later, on a forum for buyers and sellers, not Fiverr staff. Have you bumped your head recently? Cancellation of an order right? So again, you placed the orders, there was no fraud. You’ve got buyers remorse. I’m sure the team at Fiverr HQ are readying their response to the press as we speak… 🥱
  22. It was a super valuable post Frank, I’m really grateful that you wrote it. I wish there was more of this type of content on the forum. Your content doesn’t give people ‘the answers’, rather it poses possibilities based on your experiences along with some logical reasoning. Smart sellers would look at a post like this and question as to how some of this might apply to their own business, then hopefully draw their own conclusions about what they might do next. I also really hope some of the sellers here on the forum who have yet to make a sale will be drawn to, and take their advice from threads like this, rather than the “stay active online 24 hour” bullet-list threads that seem to be so popular…
  23. First up, sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience with a buyer. It sucks when this happens. In short, you can’t. It isn’t your call who Fiverr bans, or who they allow to operate here. We’ve all likely got people we wish Fiverr would ban, because they’ve wronged us in some way. All you can do is make Fiverr aware of the issue, by submitting a ticket to Customer Support. I assume you’ve already done this, but if you haven’t, you should do so. If enough people do this, there’s a chance Fiverr may manually review the buyer, and come to the conclusion that they should not be operating on the platform. This does happen - Bad buyers are bad business for Fiverr too. Out of interest, why did you offer the discount?
  24. Some really interesting thoughts here @frank_d , thanks for taking the time to put it together. Your theories make a lot of sense. From our perspective, we’ve been operating pretty successful voice over gigs for the past 3 years, and whilst we’ve had the standard ebbs and flows on both our male and female VO gigs, we’ve noticed they’ve both been pretty steady over the years. Contrast that with a screencast video gig that we launched toward the back-end of last year - despite being in a much smaller talent pool, we’ve found that much, much harder to grow and develop. We charge ‘big ticket’ costs (compared to our voice over gigs at least), we had some cancellations a few months ago (some where we were to blame, others where the client was) and find that 9 out of 10 of the enquiries we get are tire kickers, who do exactly what you describe - send a ‘how much’ email, then disappear when you try to engage them, especially if you mention price. The gig went from around 5 enquiries a day, which would allow us to convert a handful each week, to enquiries dropping off a cliff. We’ve made some changes, and managed to complete a couple of orders lately, so we’ll see if our recent order completion combined with lead-conversion you talk about gives the gig the shot-in-the-arm it obviously needs. One of our VO gigs is also massively out-performing the other at the moment. We do turn down a lot of work, usually due to client budgets being too low for our prices. Perhaps it’s a good time for us to experiment with compromising for a while and seeing what happens.
  25. It is I’m afraid. If you google the term ‘Fiverr Amazon Reviews’, you’ll see there was a major news article back in 2015 where Amazon sued individual fake reviewers. Fiverr have pretty much cracked down on anything that can be considered a ‘review’ from that point on, so you’d likely lose your account if you did this. Anyone who is offering Amazon reviews just hasn’t been caught/reported yet. We’re even careful when offering our VO service, to ensure that advertising scripts very clearly sound like an advert, and we turn down any scripts that say things like “I’ve just started using this product and it’s amazing…” etc.
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