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Completed orders can no longer be cancelled by Customer Support!


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Another very weird new change has been made to further make sellers more vulnerable. I spoke with support about buyers that order blindly, and was told “We made a change and once it’s marked as complete cannot be canceled, to prevent fraud and manipulation of our rating system.”

Funny thing is that it sounds like fraud AND manipulation (To worse) if buyer gives a bad rating even if they received what they purchased.

This is very troubling when considering buyers that don’t read what they purchase, and then request a refund a week later.

I can only hope that the feedback policy has also been changed to reflect this change and protect sellers from ignorant buyers.

If not, perhaps they can at least create a confirmation when Order button is clicked that reminds the buyer to read the gig description carefully.

I do see mistake orders can be cancelled by support, though. “Additionally, we can cancel orders, which were made by mistake”

But at least you could ask the buyer if they placed the order by mistake when they ask for a refund.

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This seems to be more in line with the “no cancellations after completion” policy than anything to do with mistaken orders. I don’t see anything wrong (bar the usual irritants) with cancelling an order because Doofus Q. Fumblemeister can’t read and/or doesn’t want to pay whatever the going price is for what they want (this is before delivery).

Either way, to imgur reviews and beyond!

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