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Getting traffic to your gig


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Obviously, the most difficult part of selling on Fiverr is getting traffic to it and enough clicks and views to keep up with thousands of competitors.

So, I’ll be glad to share with you 7 efficient tips & ways for a better promotion:

1- Facebook:
Using a facebook page is a good way to start promoting your product. Spending few dollars to boost your page or your publication will improve the efficacity of the whole process. I recommend using “Facebook For Business” to simplify creation and managing your ads and campaigns.

2- Twitter:
Most of Fiverr buyers are using Twitter as the main social media account. So each time you do a job for a client, and he tweets about it, retweet it by adding a short link to your gig. You can also use Twitter ads for better results.

3- Linkedin:
Linkedin is a professional social media where you can find authors for example or any other person with a professional activity. So make sure to build a good profil and you can also use “Linkedin Job Search” to find the right job for you.

3- Website:
Having a website as a landing page to your gig is very important. You can use Wordpress or Adobe Muse to create fascinating lading pages, then get a domain name that represents your service.

4- Traffic services:
There are plenty of this kind of services on Fiverr. It’s a $5 service with much benefits.

5- Profile:
When a former client needs an other service, he/she’ll be back to you. And to make sure that happens, you should never change your username, profile photo and Gig image. This way you’ll be able to build your identity on Fiverr.

There were 5 easy tips to get traffic to your Gig. If you agree and have more suggestions, please share them with us. Also, if you have an other perspective, let us know in the comments.

Best wishes,

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