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Golden practices to BOOST YOUR FIVERR SALES


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I am Aisha. I am here to share my experience regarding fiverr which I learned during my career on fiverr and wish that every new seller should consider in order to have a successful journey here. Here are some golden practices which we need to address for success at fiverr:

1- Always provide service which you have practiced and can do at a high quality level: Fiverr is like a pool of buyers searching for their needs to be fulfilled. If you want to succeed and maintain your reputation on fiverr then learn to say “No” to tasks which you can’t perform. Only provide those services which you learned and practiced a lot. By doing so, you will have greater chances of maintaining a good reputation in the eyes of buyer as well as will be considered as honest seller.

2- Maintain product Quality: When it comes to quality then two things are certain in every business " Product Quality as well as Services Quality". In order to improve product quality, you may make a checklist in order to check the quality of your deliverables (Before giving them to your buyers). By ensuring the product quality, you will ensure the chances of getting 5 star. However the product quality is not enough, You have to excel at service quality too: As fiverr is mostly a service providing platform, where we sellers provide our service to buyers. In addition to providing high quality deliverables, you must provide high quality service. The factors in service quality includes good communication with buyers, highly responsiveness, timely deliveries and patience while talking with buyers. if you do maintain these things in your service then there are nearly 100% chances that buyers will be satisfied with your service quality and will leave a 5 star review.

3- Make sure to open your gate even with rude buyers: Always maintain a highly quality, polite and professional discussion while dealing with buyers even if your buyers are a little bit harsh. Don’t ever give harsh or negative comments to buyers. It’s like opening your gate for every one. Once I had a buyer misbehaved with me but I didn’t dropped my service quality due to his misbehave and responded very politely and in a professional manner. Later that buyer come to me again for his work and I done that work for him with warm welcome. If I had misbehaved with him then things could go in the wrong direction instead of going in the right way.

4- Finally I believe that the fiverr team sees these things and promote you more if you fulfill these in a well manner: fiverr team is great, they do track your history (in my opinion) and promote you if you are doing well in all the fields. So keep your profile at a good level and you will get success eventually. Good Luck

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Good tips …Good communication and politeness is the way forward. I have always put all these in practice, my issue is that when ones gig is not visible to the right clients…how will someone go about that?..Thank you in anticipation …when in months you do not have any message not to talk of orders from your account and each time you search you find your gig on the search engine

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