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Still in the process of getting used to new forum.
I’m posting this just to check how things work, I’m sure it’s not that
complicated but since I was so used to the previous forum format for a loooooong time,
this might take a while…I guess having a college level education in art does on come in handy
when figuring out how a darn forum works! 😜

OK, so I was away for a bit, once I was back I got a message from a buyer asking for translation help which was no problem at all, he placed the order, it was nice and simple, it was done in about
15 minutes. He was very pleased and even gave me a tip.
He also said stuff like he had a bad experience with other translators in the past who claimed to be a bilingual and a native speaker, turned out the translation was a total disaster.
I guess the scary part of translation gig is that it’s all blind faith,
so many “translators” can get away with just google translation, but the buyer has no way of
knowing. There are a few bad sellers I’ve spotted in the past, too bad I can’t get them banned.

…having that said though, it makes me wonder…OK, I do have good ratings, true, but
how the heck can all of those buyers really trust me and know that I am doing my job right!!!??

Maybe I should make a video of myself speaking in 2 languages…oh wait, I don’t know how
to make videos. 😓

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Well, you could either use a smartphone or webcam to make a basic sample video of yourself speaking in 2 languages. It doesn’t have to be super amazing quality as sample content.

If you don’t want to be in a video, you could just make an audio file of yourself. The audio file could go on Soundcloud or somewhere as part of your profile, or you could make a PowerPoint slideshow with pictures of your avatar and captions, insert the audio, and save it as a video. (You have helped out on the forums a LOT and if you needed any help, I’d be glad to coach you. My skills aren’t amazing, but I know how to do it with PPT.) Then it could be a gig video if you wanted.

Or, finally, you could record the same audio but hire someone to make you a simple video of the same kind.

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