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The Forum, Misunderstandings and Blogs!


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A lot of information has been passed around lately and I’ve been trying to get some cross-discussion going. In the process, a few things have come to light. Just so that everyone is aware, I’ve had a chat with the staff contact for the forum team, and also talked with some of the other moderators and admins before deciding what to write here. I know that some people cannot open links from the forum either, and that makes it a bit harder to communicate, but it’s worth a try.

To those of you who contacted me about my own blogs - I have a Blogspot portfolio, so to try to keep information flowing while the forum was tanking, I created a side blog to post what I could. Unfortunately I got sidetracked from my original goal, and that caused some misunderstandings. I am frustrated with lack of communication as I think many of you are.

That said, I am still a moderator/admin, I work alongside staff/mods/ambassadors/admins to help the community as a volunteer and I plan to remain active on Fiverr along with my other income streams like Amazon information products. All I want is the flow of communication for everyone, and for our seller concerns to get to the right people. I’ve done my best to straighten out miscommunications with those who were open. I’m being up front right here for those who can read it.


Now to pass along what little information I have. All of it comes from either other admins or staff, although sometimes everyone isn’t on the same page so take it with a grain of salt. If this was entirely official I would put it in the Community category on the forum, but while this is from good sources, it’s not official. The Operations team at Fiverr does know the forum is still partially broken. To quote: “The devs working on it are taking their time fixing the issues with the links.” Also, though, this forum platform may not be ideal for use in a community as large and as active as ours. It may be necessary for Operations to take a different direction instead of fixing everything on the current forum.

Success Manager Suggestions

There has also been information updated regarding the Fiverr success managers. The Success Management / Seller Success team is assigned here and there to help users improve their offerings on Fiverr. The intention is good, but it can come off as confusing since not everyone has access to a success manager and not every one does things in exactly the same way. To quote again, some messages “weren’t worded as well as they could be.” The real idea was supposed to be to gradually set some standards “in order to get a higher quality over all” and these were intended as recommendations. This was not supposed to be about getting people dropped for not-complying, which comes again from veteran admins who have been here longer than I have. I still think communication needs improvement, but these clarifications help me, and I hope they help others. [Also, this post was edited lightly after new information came to light.]

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What a nice post Maddie. It’s great to get some notices about things that are happening.

Between the bugs and the forum not working well things pile up. Good communication on a regular basis would be a big help. I know you want this to happen and we are lucky to have you.

It was a misunderstanding on my part of what was happening. I’m a very private person who is also a little stressed out lately.

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