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Ringtone in Inbox and Notification at the time of buyer's message


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Hello Dear,

There is a open suggestion for fiverr. If we got tone when we receive any notification or inbox message from buyer’s it would be easy for us to response early.

Sometimes sellers became busy with their projects although they are on online. So they can’t response buyers in time. For the result they lost new project.

So, we often have to check again and again if we got any message from buyer or not.

It would be helpful if we hear a tone at the time of any notification or inbox message so that we could easily realize that something has come and we need to response.

Let me know your opinion if you agree with my proposal.

Looking forward

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You can build a python app which does that for you. There are many such open source projects on Github which you can look at.

If you want an easier and more portable solution simply login to your email through phone and keep it logged in, you will get a ping whenever you have a new message provided you have set your Fiverr account to send you an email for buyer messages.

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