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  1. @vickieito I had already delivered the order and fixed the one thing the buyer wanted me to change.I am more concerned regarding just withdrawing my funds as they become available.
  2. @vickieito My ticket is getting marked as solved within few minutes without anyone replying or looking at them. Should I be worried or is this normal ?
  3. hi @vickieito Fortunately I don't have to worry about my seller stats as fiverr had already decided to flag my account a few months ago based on location inconsistency issue. It was all okay for first two months but then fiverr decided to remove all flag accounts from search result so my account had already become dead and these were most probably the last few orders which I had intended to complete this month and then move on.
  4. Also I had delivered an order on the account but was awaiting review by buyer what will happen to it.
  5. Hi, My little brother was using the computer and he accidentally clicked on deactivate account option. Kindy reactivate my account as I have pending payment in it.
  6. Your account can get flagged for just using public wifi once. Even if you used the public wifi several months ago they will flag your account and tell you that you have connection with some other account despite the fact that when you create account you have to verify with id and picture.
  7. It is actually absurd on how much effort fiverr puts in to make things difficult for their sellers.
  8. Fiverr provides absolutely no protection to sellers. A buyer can have you do all the work and also have you make unlimited revisions for it until he is fully satisfied. Get all the order files delivered and then simply say the simple magic phrase "Sorry delivery was not unto mark". Now Fiverr support will very happily refund him all the amount no questions asked. It doesn't matter if you agree to give him refund or not because Fiverr support will not take a look at anything and simply cancel your oder and refund him the entire amount.
  9. I assure you, that relevant team did not do anything and nor was this reviewed. Their A.I system falsely flagged accounts and now customer support has no idea what to do.
  10. Congratulations. Did anyone also get account flagged removed ?
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