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What The F


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Are you trying to tell us you have multiple accounts?

The worst you can do as a f r e elancer is blame the site for your failure.
Go and work on your gigs, promote your services!
I am not sure why, but a lot of sellers here think Fiverr is this magical land of fairies where orders start appearing out of nowhere and a little leprechaun starts tossing gold coins at you from the end of a rainbow.
Why is that @azizahmed5r???

It might be the case for some sellers but they have put serious work into it.

Now stop complaining and start moving ;)!

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Uh, so it seems like you changed your sample images…to yet again images
that does not belong to you. I’m sorry but when I saw the Sharpie “logo,” I burst out
laughing. If you are indeed professional, I strongly urge you to use your own original

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