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Organizing files


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A lot of Fiverr sellers work for dozens of different buyers at a time, some regulars and some not. It can get really hard to keep track of what you have created for each person. As a writer on Fiverr, I get a lot of quick articles from multiple sellers, and sometimes they ask me to go back and expand an article from two months ago, or to resend something that they lost. Sometimes, i just need to check what I wrote for someone or hold an article in my computer files until I find internet to send it.

I’ve found that organizing files is the only way I don’t lose my mind. If you’re trying to get organized, here’s an idea based on how I do it.

I. Documents
A. Articles
1. Fiverr
a. Seller
I. Project
A. Individual file

This system makes it so much easier for me! I am curious to hear how other people stay organized, too. I could always use more organizational tips and I’m sure a lot of people would benefit from hearing your ideas. 🙂

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