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  1. Sometime the delivery is being assessed by a team or group. In such instance, your client may be waiting for feedback from other members of the team. It could also be that he/she has revisions on your delivery but has not yet concluded on what to revise. Note that if there's nothing from client within 3 days, the project is thereafter, automatically marked as 'completed project'.
  2. The platform is saturated and being a newbie with just 2 reviews, it can be challenging. Buyers are generally wary of newbies as they prefer dealing with Sellers with many reviews. The many reviews of the Seller are usually interpreted as experience and quality and it’s something you do not have right now. Don’t be discouraged as you would definitely make sales over time. The most successful Seller was once a newbie and probably went thro these ‘dry spells’. Just dig into the archives, read up the tips and apply them. They could help.
  3. Any references to buttress your claims? Thank you.
  4. The combination of ‘rr’ and the period, somehow give the visual impression of letter ‘m’ with negative space. Old font doesn’t have this ambiguity.
  5. Previous font [2010] is better. I guess I’m the only one on this. fiverr2882×492 51.5 KB
  6. Welcome to Fiverr, to start with. It’s wisdom to be and remain online as many Buyers would prefer to engage Sellers who are “available” by being online. While waiting, there are tons of what to do to increase your chances of clinching jobs. Won’t be a bad idea to search through the forum archives and implement those measures. Note that many Sellers, irrespective of level, do have “dry spells” (period of no Orders) from time to time. For me, at such times, I look around for what else to do, to brighten my chances of getting hired. Lastly, don’t be discouraged for not getting hired days after joining Fiverr. It took some weeks and for others, months to make first sale. No assurances when it’d happen. And you could get hired in a few hours you never know.
  7. They don’t get rich quick, but I did see a very small number of sellers who succeeded (and earned a lot) quickly. They had a lot of experience before joining (we’re talking about 20+ years of experience), they’re great at what they’re doing, and when I asked one of them how much time did it take him to do his orders, he told me he was working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’re on point. Sellers do get rich quick here. Just peep and see what Pro-Sellers charge for their services. And then figure out what Sellers with long queue of Orders stand to earn.
  8. I do not think @jonbaas intended to disseminate new information on the topic of how to get orders. I believe he was creating a post that answers the often-repeated question of, “How do I get orders?” or, “Kindly experts, share your tips and tricks to get orders.” This question was/is asked daily by sellers who seem too lazy or uninformed to search for the topic themselves by using the search feature. I have now bookmarked Jon’s post and have/will use it as the answer to these questions in the future for it saves me much time and answers the questions for the influx of inexperienced sellers we have had during the pandemic. Are you going to share what has worked for you as Jon has? 😉 In my post, I’d already shared in principle what worked for me. Just like I stated, those ‘tips on how get offers’ are there and anyone can access them by simply doing a search. Unless one has new ideas to offer, there’s no use going into the archives to bring up what anyone can directly access. Doing that is spamming and you’d understand this when a dozen others want to ‘help’ newbies by digging up past materials and dumping them here with nothing new. Thanks.
  9. Thanks but nothing really new here. There’re couple other key dynamics of the system that you may or may not have control over. Yes, Sellers do and can get rich quick. You don’t get to be TRS if you don’t make as much money - something many achieve in no time. Applying all the"tips and tricks" offer no guarantees. What works for a Seller may completely fail another Seller. So go on a voyage of discovery. As a Seller, find out what works for you.
  10. Well, “responding with very neutral language” could portray the Seller as accepting responsibility for the bad review. If a Buyer left unfair remarks, there’s nothing wrong in telling your side, exactly as it is - neutral language or not. If I were a Buyer and spotted such Seller’s counter response, I’d rather check the frequency of the good reviews he had as well as the quality of his portfolio items to decide wether to patronize or not. If I have such opportunity to respond to Buyer’s negative review, I won’t be diplomatic.
  11. https://www.fiverr.com/users/*your user name/requests That gets you to the page. Stay safe.
  12. Kudos to Fiverr for releasing new edition of it’s mobile app - the ‘22nd January 2020’ edition which is also the latest. While the changes may not be far-reaching, I’m excited at being able to create and save offer templates for the services I offer - a new feature. However, my ‘online status’ button keeps switching grey (off), even when I’m on the app. Can’t figure why. Wish that now, I could select gig when responding to Buyer Requests. This edition still autoselects and often selects the wrong gig. Wish also that the daily, 10 bids responses could ‘countdown’ on the Buyers Request page as I respond to offers. Commendable efforts of your app developers.
  13. Welcome Puzbie. Sales aren’t automatic here. Took me months to get first Order. But that’s NOT standard as your first Order could be in another hour. Just read through tons of tips archived here, apply them and you’d be good. Buyers are most times wary of newbies, particularly those yet to make sales. Cheer on, this phase is transient.
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